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Our Trustees

The Adirondack Experience’s Board of Trustees is made up of individuals with a deep love of the Adirondacks who are dedicated to sharing the history of this special place while preserving our important relationship with the Adirondack wilderness.

Board of Trustees

Robert S. Searle (Co Chair)
Anne H. Van Ingen (Co Chair)
David Rockwell (Treasurer)
Sally E. Svenson (Secretary)

Michael L. Bird
Nicolas A. Boillot
Anne Donovan Bodnar
Timothy Delaney
Peter J. Falco
Nancy Keet
John R. Kimberly
William Locke
Alexandra Boardman Reynolds
Geoffrey Robillard
Richard Scordato
Scott Manning Stevens
James T. Townsend
Sarah M. Underhill

Honorary Trustees

J. Dinsmore Adams, Jr.
Frances Beinecke
William H. Boardman, Jr.
Sarah Cohen
Ann R. Elliman
Margot Paul Ernst
Carolyn J. Fowler
John G. Fritzinger, Jr.
Walter F. Harrison III
Hilary C. McDonald
Jane Love McGraw
William J. Nolan III
Lauren Razook Roth
Sidney S. Whelan, Jr.
Robert R. Worth
Gilda G. Wray