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ADKX-tra Credit: Episode 2

Are We There Yet?

North Creek Station Adirondack R.R. Blue Mt. Coach 1888, Adirondack Experience collection P009534

Transportation in the 19th century was quite different from today. No planes or automobiles were available for long distance travel. While new, faster modes of transportation were being invented and tested in populated areas, the Adirondack region was years behind. Take a step back in time with this episode to the days of long, arduous travel to get to places that we now consider to be close.

North Creek-Indian Lake-Blue Mt Lake Stagecoach;1880s or 1890s. Adirondack Experience collection P000604

Connecting to Curriculum

  • Read-aloud – Students can follow along while listening. Click HERE to download a copy of the transcript.
  • Vocabulary – Explore new words. Students will be listening to high level vocabulary in context. Have them identify the definition afterwards. Click HERE for vocabulary page.
  • GeographyAre We There Yet? Is all about getting from one place to another.
    • Map all the places that are mentioned. Click HEREfor the places activity page.
    • View this Google Earth Tour of the trip. Click HERE to view. Have students create their own trip into the wilderness on a digital or paper map.
    • For 3rd grade – Listen to the episode as an extension of the Where Are We? Social Studies Inquiry unit.
    • For 4th grade – Listen to the episode as an extension of the Does It Matter Where You Live? Social Studies Inquiry unit.


Higher grade level students may want to explore some topics in more depth.

  1. What was the Transcontinental Railroad? Why were people so excited by the building of the Transcontinental Railroad?
  2. W.H.H. Murray’s book “Adventures in the Wilderness” is credited with starting the trend of going on vacation for the average person. Why didn’t people have vacations before that time? What things were happening that made this change possible?

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