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Curious Creatures Masquerade

$55 for non-members
$45 for ADKX members

Saturday evening celebrate your totemic animal at the Curious Creatures Masquerade. For this early Halloween festivity, become your own curious creature and share a bit of your fierce nature. All species welcome, exceptional plumage appreciated, and colorful ones encouraged. Buffet dinner will be held at the historic Adirondack Hotel in the hamlet of Long Lake.

Where to stay? The hotels in Long Lake are a 15-minute drive from the Adirondack Experience. Other options include The Hedges and The Hemlock Hall (both in Blue Mountain Lake, about five minutes from the Museum). You can also check out our lodging business members HERE

Please call 518-352-7311, ext. 116 or email ccampeau@theadkx.org for information. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BOOK YOUR LODGING EARLY.