60th Anniversary Celebration & Music Fest

August 5, 2017 | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Join us for a 60th anniversary celebration of mountainous musical celebration on the grounds of the Adirondack Experience, with talented regional and national performers.

Included with general Adirondack Experience admission.


Times subject to change.

Music & Presentations on Main Stage

  • 11am

Fire Magick Hula Hoop Dance

The Magick Circus offers a spectacular full length circus show that is interactive and engaging for audiences of all ages. The theatrical characters combine unique circus skills like juggling, hula hooping, and illusion. They also feature dance, and acrobatics to create an experience that sparks joy and intrigue in all who take witness. This show is perfect for a daytime main attraction, it is always fun for families and friends!


  • 11:30am

Adk Jazz Orchestra

Big Band Songs of the 1950s

(Big Band Dance Lessons from Dance Sanctuary)


  • 12:30pm

Adk Jazz Orchestra

Big Band Songs of the 1950s

Dance Party with Dance Sanctuary (Join in the fun on the dance floor!)


  • 1:30pm 

Fire Magick Hula Dance

1950s Pop Music Dance Lessons from Dance Sanctuary


  • 2:00pm

Anniversary Cake/cupcakes & 1950’s Costume Contest


  • 2:30pm

The Non-Committals

The Noncommittals won’t commit to anything, except showing up at a gig, and possibly playing some great music.  They call themselves:  “the world’s best Junior High garage band” for good reason!  ALL of them graduated Junior High and most of them have been in garages!  The Noncommittals, (Ariel Schermbry, Barry Carson, Bob Sauter, Nils Peterson, Steve Manders, Ted Ritzko) play R&B, Soul, Rock (Psychedelic, Classic, and British), and Reggae.  They’re committed to fun, with a capitol F.

Dance Party with Dance Sanctuary (Join in the fun on the dance floor!)


  • 3:30pm 

Fire Magick Hula Dance


  • 4:00pm 


Enjoy traditional and original songs of the Adirondacks as well as a few favorites from the 1950s!

Seasoned solo performers Dan Berggren, Peggy Lynn and Dan Duggan have combined talents to create a dynamic trio named in honor of the river drivers who broke up log jams. They worked hard to find solutions, to get things rolling again, and it was a job that couldn’t be done alone. Dan, Peggy and Dan feel the same way about their music. These good friends and accomplished musicians bring a rare blend of humor history and musical spirit to their performances.


Additional Presentations

  • 1:00pm   

Fabulous Fifties Views of the Adirondack Park

“Fabulous Fifties Views of the Adirondack Park” will be presented by John Taibi to help celebrate our 60th Anniversary. This PowerPoint presentation showcases the photography of Dante Tranquille who was the Utica’s Observer-Dispatch chief photographer. We’ll get a look at the Park’s peaks, waterways, forests, villages, people, and railroads during the 1950s era from the ground and in the air. Dante travelled frequently to Adirondack Park using automobiles, trains, and planes, so as to illustrate newsworthy events and human interest stories for his newspaper. His camera always seemed to be focused on an interesting subject and the results embraced Park history, humanity, and the majesty of the region. His photography was wildly popular then and treasured today. His professional technique captured an era of change that was taking place within the timeless region contained within Adirondack Park’s Blue Line boundary while not detracting from the ancient mountains and forests that transcend human change.  “Fabulous Fifties Views of the Adirondack Park” is a wonderful remembrance of the time when the Adirondack Museum opened.

John Taibi is a native Long Islander who has been residing in central New York since 1994. He and his wife, Barbara, live in a restored New York, Ontario & Western Railway depot in Munnsville that is his base of operations for researching and writing about the region’s railroad history, environment, and legacy. He is the author of thirteen full-length books and one hundred-fifteen short stories that deal with a variety of railroad subjects. John is presently researching the Adirondack Region for a 4-volume series of books about the New York Central’s Adirondack Division. Previous to his coming to upstate New York, he was a photographer whose work appeared in numerous books and magazine articles. In addition to being an author, photographer, railroad environmentalist and archeologist, he is also a popular speaker for historical societies, civic organizations, church groups, and museums. He likes to say that his programs are factual and informative and are presented in an entertaining fashion.

Dante Tranquille’s photographs and John Taibi’s interpretation and presentation of them will embrace the 1950s era that – today – is widely considered to be the “Good Old Days” by many persons. Relive that period of Adirondack Park time by attending this event.



  • 12:15pm

Hula Hoop Workshops (30 minutes each)


  • 2:15pm

Hula Hoop Workshops (30 minutes each)


  • 4:15pm

Hula Hoop Workshops (30 minutes each)

In this fun and interactive hooping workshop, participants will learn a variety of innovative skills using handmade hoops! They will learn that hoops can be used on many parts of the body and that there is a lot of room for creative expression! The instructors will encourage participants to try new skills that enhance dexterity and coordination, and when linked together can create a dance! Moving to music while hooping is called hoop dance, and is a fun new form of exercise. Participants will walk away inspired and have a sequence of skills that flow together as a dance. The possibilities with hoops are truly endless! Hoops of all sizes will be available, so people of any age are sure to find one that suits their needs. It’s a perfect activity for families to enjoy together!


  • 10 – 5pm

Fifties Photo Booth

Strike a pose in one of our 1950s photo backdrops or character cut-outs.


  • 10 – 5pm

Fifties Fun

Enjoy a sampling of toys and games that were popular in the 1950s.