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Exploring the Look of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games

January 26, 2020 | 1:30 pm

Alison Haas and guests

The Olympic Games are the world’s greatest sport event, so obviously the show spills out beyond the Stadium. Lake Placid welcomed the world once again in 1980 and had the opportunity to celebrate and be creative artistically alongside the sporting action. This program will explore how artists were responsible for creating a recognizable visual signature within the history of the Olympic Games. They gave a sense of what the Adirondack region was about to an audience from around the world. Once the Games were over, there remained an emblem and a visual signature for Lake Placid that has triggered people’s memories for 40 years. Lake Placid Olympic Museum Director Alison Haas, along with other guest speakers involved with the arts during the 1980 Games, will present and discuss a variety of artworks that gave the Games an overall feel and identity with lasting impact.
Alison Haas joined the staff at the Lake Placid Olympic Museum in September 2004. In September 2012, she was named the museum’s Managing Director. Alison obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts/Art History from St. Lawrence University and a Masters in History of Design from Kingston University in England. Career highlights have included interviewing 1980 5-time Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Heiden, traveling to Switzerland to view the International Olympic Museum and meeting the President of the International Olympic Committee, receiving the Merit award from the Museum Association of New York, and dressing as the 1980 Olympic mascot Roni Raccoon for community events.