The Life and times of Adirondack French Louie Seymour

March 04, 2018 | 1:30 pm

Peter Hemmerich

Discover the life and Adirondack adventures of French Louie, an Adirondack trapper, guide, and hermit. Peter Hemmerich will share some of Louie’s interesting quirks, skills and everyday life around the West Canada Lakes region.
Peter Hemmerich is a retired elementary teacher who taught at Dolgeville Central School for 32 years. He currently works as a Direct Support professional for the Lexington Center, a support agency providing clinical, residential, family, and employment services for people with developmental disabilities in Fulton and Albany counties. Peter is a lifelong hunter, hiker, and Adirondack outdoorsman who has spent considerable time hiking and exploring the “French Louie” area of the West Canada Lakes Wilderness.