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Night Moves: Natural History of Adirondack Flying Squirrels

February 24, 2019 | *1:30 pm AND 3:30 pm

Charlotte Demers

Northern flying squirrel in full glide – Copyright (C) Cold Creek Conservation

Although seldom seen, two species of flying squirrel inhabit that Adirondack Park. Both play an important role in our ecosystem, but the occurrence of one species can be a great detriment to the survival of the other. Learn about these beautiful nocturnal critters and the on-going research at the ESF Newcomb Campus that helps scientist understand how climate change may be impacting the health of their populations.
Charlotte Demers has worked as a biologist at the Newcomb Campus of the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) for over 30 years. She is responsible for collecting and maintaining databases associated with the long-term research. Her primary research interest revolves around small mammals and their importance in forested ecosystems. She manages the Adirondack Interpretive Center, the outreach facility of ESF’s Newcomb Campus