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Adirondack Folk Music: Keeping the Tradition Alive

Monday, July 15 at 7:30 pm

(CD-signing after the program)

Dan Berggren

Dan Berggren tells the story of the region’s music through recordings, photographs, and his experiences performing for over forty years. Music, like recipes and other family traditions, travelled with Adirondack settlers to their new mountain homes. But it was also modified, changed from generation to generation, and sometimes forgotten. Where were the songs heard and how have they been passed along? Who kept this music alive? What’s its status today? With recordings, stories and live performance, Dan Berggren attempts some answers.

Dan BerggrenPresenter: Dan Berggren is an Adirondack-tradition-based songsmith who writes with honesty, humor and a strong sense of place. With roots firmly in the Adirondacks on the Essex County farm where he was raised, Dan Berggren’s music branches out across many borders. For 45 years, the award-winning musician and educator has entertained audiences within the Blue Line and beyond, in this country and overseas in Europe, the British Isles and Central Africa. His engaging concerts invite audiences to join in on songs that explore the lives of hard-working folks and the many dimensions of home. His company Sleeping Giant Records has produced twenty albums of traditional and original songs.