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Adirondack Experience offers memorable programs for kids aged 3-18.  Whether presented at the Adirondack Experience or at your school, programs are customized to meet the needs of your grade level, curriculum requirements, class size, and other considerations.

What We Deliver

All of our school programs allow students to interact firsthand with the past, combining experiential learning with artifact and document study. All program offerings can be customized to meet your students’ needs. Please inform us of any special accommodations needed at the time of registration. Homeschool groups are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of our many educational opportunities.

Our Natural Neighbors (Best for PreK-Grade 5)

Learn about the animals who share these woods and waters with us. This program is perfect for introducing Adirondack animals to your class. Using pelts and skulls, students identify a variety of mammals and develop an understanding of how humans and animals interact.


  • Sounds of the Woods – Best for PreK-Grade 2
  • Amazing Adaptations – Best for Grades 3-5

Fur Traders (Best for Grades 4-6)

Humans have a long history of using furbearing animals as natural resources – from the Iroquois to European settlers to today’s sport hunters. This program uses pelts, skulls, and primary source material to teach students about the Native American fur trade. Students will also practice bartering skills with a trade simulation activity.

Gadgets and Gizmos from the Peddler’s Wagon (Best for Grades 2-4)

Students will examine and identify tools and devices that were commonly sold by Adirondack peddlers – such as a juice press, a bit and brace set, and others. They will compare these contraptions to their modern equivalents and learn how simple machines work to form the gadgets and gizmos.       

Lumberjack Life (Best for Grades 4-12)

Realize the history, perils and excitement of Adirondack logging. Once the number one industry in the region, lumbering required skilled manpower, horsepower and simple tools. Students review the seasons of the lumberjack and try traditional tools used in the woods.


  • Tall Tales – Best for grades 2-3
  • Lumberjack Math – Best for grades 5-9

Living Threads: Adirondack Ecosystems Unraveled (Best for Grades 2-6)

Investigate the interdependent links that have, over time, affected the plants, animals and humans who share this amazing ecosystem. Students will examine the relationships between the living and non-living components of the environment.


Attack of the MiniBeasts – Best for grades 3-4

Adventures in the Wilderness (Best for Grades 1-8)

In 1869, William “Adirondack” Murray wrote Adventures in the Wilderness, a book that introduced the Adirondacks to the rest of the country effectively beginning the “Rush to the Wilderness” by tourists seeking their own adventures. Students will immerse themselves in their own imaginary experience, including the journey to the Adirondacks from New York City and backwoods trips with guides.


  • Early Transportation – Best for grades K-2
  • Are We There Yet? – Best for grades 1-3
  • SCENE-ic Backwoods – Best for grades 4-8

Reading History (Best for Grades 4-12)

Diaries, letters, maps and more! The Adirondack Experience’s collection includes a multitude of primary source materials for students to read and examine. Students will use the information obtained to critique, interpret or debate a variety of intriguing topics.


  • Timeline – Best for grades 4-5
  • Adirondack Peddlers – Best for grades 4-6
  • Tourism – Best for grades 4-12
  • Mining – Best for grades 5-12
  • Wolf Bounties – Best for grades 6-9

Wilderness Cure (Best for Grades 5-12)

Discover the work of Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau and the health care industry in Saranac Lake. Historic photographs, a cure chair, fur coats and foot warmers help students envision “taking the cure” when tuberculosis was a national epidemic. Students will draw parallels between health care then and now.

Self-Guided Tours

Choose your own adventure! A self-guided tour allows you and your students to explore everything the Adirondack Experience has to offer at your own pace. You and your students will journey through history in our 24 exhibit spaces. Highlights include feeding our Adirondack trout, climbing the Whiteface fire tower and playing old-time games at the Reising one-room schoolhouse.

To make your visit complete, Adirondack Experience offers a café, ample picnic space, and a store where students can find a variety of fun souvenirs.

Thanks to our generous benefactors, Adirondack Experience outreach in your classroom and transportation funding for onsite field trips to the Adirondack Experience are offered AT NO CHARGE to any school in any county within the Adirondack Park.

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We can come to you! Select programs are available for outreach.

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