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ADKX Garage Sale

mai 25, 2024 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
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How much stuff gets stored in closets, warehouses, and in cabinets over 60 years? Come find out! Our museum collections are our beloved treasures; it is our privilege to care for them in perpetuity. But all of the “other stuff”—office furniture, event props, display cases, and “for-use” materials—that we have accumulated over the years may be treasures to someone else!

Come to the ADKX Garage Sale and go home with anything from a well-loved office chair to an “only at the ADKX” assortment of used store fixtures. This event is free to attend and will take place in the Bus, RV, and Trailer Parking Lot across the street from the main museum entrance. Museum admission is not required. All purchases support museum programs. And amid all the bargains, donations are highly encouraged!

As a note, items from the museum’s collections will NOT be sold.

This event will take place at the ADKX Bus, RV, and Trailer Parking Lot.