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Starling Taxidermy Workshop

août 17, 2024 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
$360.00 à $395.00
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Students will learn everything they need to create their very own bird taxidermy mount, from proper skinning, degreasing/washing, to sculpting, mounting, and finishing.

Our subject will be the European Starling; with their eye-catching plumage—glossy, spotted, and iridescent—starlings enliven our surroundings. All birds are legally and sustainably sourced; no animals are harmed for the sake of taxidermy.

Pre-registration required

$360 for ADKX Members; $395 for Non-Members

About the Instructor: 

Divya Anantharaman is an award-winning licensed professional preserving animals with honor and compassion. Her specialties are birds, small mammals, and anatomic anomalies. Her work seeks to combine the demonstrative aspect of scientific presentation with the symbolic, introspective nature of art, using taxidermy to engage diverse audiences with connection and enchantment with nature. She is passionately curious about the untapped potential of this scientific art, and sharing it with others. Her classes seek to demystify the taxidermy process, and make the field more accessible and engaging. You can learn more at https://www.gothamtaxidermy.com/