Nuestros partidarios

The Adirondack Experience relies on the generosity of friends and supporters to meet the cost of exhibits, programs, and collections care. The board and staff deeply appreciate all of those listed below who made an annual fund contribution in 2022.

If you would like to support this year’s annual fund, click the Donate Now button or call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 518.352.7311 ext. 119.

The Adirondack Experience is supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

2022 Annual Fund Donors

$24,000 and up

John G. Fritzinger Jr.

Lee y Nancy Keet

   Adirondack Foundation – Keet Family Fund y Fundación Cloudsplitter

F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Geoffrey Robillard y Carole Guyamier

Gregory y Nancy Wolcott

$15,000 to $23,999

Ann R. Elliman

Mr. and Mrs. Jay McGraw IV

Overhills Foundation

Nancy Reardon y Steven Sayer

Sr. y Sra. John M. Roth

Margaret Jackson Smith

Anne H. Van Ingen

$10,000 to $14,999

Anne D. and James L. Bodnar

The Longhill Charitable Foundation, Inc.

    Frederick D. Cowett

Fundación de la Familia Peter y Vivian Falco

     Peter y Vivian Falco

The Forhan Family Foundation

     Mr. and Mrs. Drew C. Forhan

John y Barbie Kimberly

Coray and Cynthia Kirby

Sr. y Sra. Robert S. Searle

Adirondack Foundation – Strickler Gallogly Family Fund

    Mark T. Gallogly y Elizabeth B. Strickler

Sarah y Bob Underhill

$5,000 to 9,999

Frances Beinecke y Paul Elston

Rhonda and David Brunner

KC and Dino Cusumano

Richard & Harriet Eisenberg Foundation

Gloria L. Fant

Ms. Jeanne Donovan Fisher

Fred Genung

Fondo de la Familia Harrison

    Walter F. Harrison and Ann Howard

Sra. Judy Jorge

Peter y Hela Kindler

Kleinschmidt Family Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kleinschmidt

Dr. and Mrs. Marc Meacham

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nolan III

La Fundación Prospect Hill, Inc.

Schoff Family Charitable Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schoff

Richard and Vicki Schwartz Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation

    Vicki and Richard Schwartz

Richard Scordato and Susan Cox

Jeffrey Sellon y Marilyn Burns

Mr. Garrett W. Thelander

Sr. y Sra. James T. Townsend

$2,500 to $4,999

Jan C. K. Anderson

Mrs. Jameson Baxter

Blue Mountain Lake Association

Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corp.

    Mr. William Gaetano and Mrs. Cecilia Gaetano

Adirondack Foundation – Linda & Sarah Cohen Fund

    Linda y Sarah Cohen

The Corbin Family Fund

    Darcie and Roger Corbin

Stephanie and Gregory Gibbons

    in memory of Arlindo and Evelyn Jorge

Diane y Brian Majeski

Hilary y Patrick McDonald

Peter S. Olsen

Sr. y Sra. Peter S. Paine Jr.

    in memory of John R. Collins Jr.

Adirondack Foundation – Paine Family Fund

    Sr. y Sra. Peter S. Paine Jr.

David A. Rockwell

Sr. y Sra. Norm Sonju

The DeVito Family Trust

    Ann DeVito Walker

Thomas F. and Ann M. Ward Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation

    Thomas F. and Ann M. Ward

Dr. Sheldon T. Brown and Ms. Kathryn Weld

    in memory of Anne Weld

Ralph L. Smith Foundation, UMB Bank

    Ben and Sara Wilson

Gilda y Cecil Wray

1,000 to $2,499

The New York Community Trust – Asiel Fund

    John y Diane Asiel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Lisa Bartkowiak

Christy and Susan Bell

Ellen y Michael Bettmann

O. J. and Anna Betz

Sr. y Sra. Michael L. Bird

Terry y Lynn Birdsong

Nicolas y Jennifer Boillot

Frank y Beth Boland

Lee Borland

    in memory of Judi Borland

Bright Funds

Mr. James Brock

    in memory of Pamela Noel Brock

Ms. Amanda Burton and Ms. Cynthia Fronterhouse

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Aims C. Coney III

Tracy Davis y Ralph Voltmer

The New York Community Trust – Delafield Fund

    Sr. y Sra. J. Dennis Delafield

Arthur and Juleen Delaney

The DeSpirito Family Fund

    Elizabeth and Antonio DeSpirito

Fondo Betty Lee y Dudley Digges

    Mallory F. Digges

The Eggers Family Charitable Foundation

    William D. Eggers

Jon and Lucia R. Evans

Philip y Kathleen Forlenza

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gallagher

Katherine Gilda

    in memory of Harrison A. VanBeuren

Adirondack Foundation – Joan Grabe Family Fund

    Joan and Bill Grabe

Wallace A. Graham

The Hanley Foundation

    Thomas and Jane Hanley

Dennis Hardy

Spencer and Odette Hays

Sr. y Sra. James Himoff

William y Mary Janeway

Mr. and Mrs. Rady and Diane Johnson

    in memory of Andy Gaillard

David M. Kahn

Keeler Motor Car Company

    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Keeler

Dan and Adele Kendra

Kloiber/Wagoner Family Fund

    Stephanie A. Wagoner and James A. Kloiber

Connie and John Larkin

Virginia Maloney Lawrence

Paul Nicholas Leitner Family Foundation

    in honor of Anne Bodnar’s board leadership

Richard y Lynda Levengood

Ann Csink y John Linck

Leila and Jonathan Linen

William F. Locke

Fundación Lewis y Marjorie Daniel

    Ms. Debbie Long

Mr. J. Richard Manier

Sr. y Sra. George G. Matthews

The Mountaintop Foundation, Inc.

    Lorraine and Richard McGinn

Cathy and Scott McGraw

Bruce McLanahan

Adirondack Foundation – Edward McNeil Fund

    Mr. Edward W. McNeil

Stephen and Judith Miggels

Sr. y Sra. James T. Morley Jr.

William F. y Mary Sue Morrill

William y Madeline Morrow

William J. and Judy G. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Nettleton

Peter y Linda Obourn

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. and Sandra Olsen

Chet y Karen Opalka

The Titus Foundation

    Tami Paumier and Glen C. Warren Jr.

George and Elizabeth Peters Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation

    George y Elizabeth Peters

Dennis and Patricia Phillips

Eric Pike

Melinda R. Potter

Adirondack Foundation – Meredith M.  Prime Fund

    Meredith M. Prime

Anne and Rob Raymond

John and Sandra Reschovsky

Alexandra and John Reynolds

John and Nancy Rosenthal

Sr. y Sra. Craig R. Smith

Marsha Stanley and Tom Curley

Mr. Hedley Stothers

    in memory of Martha Dillon Stothers

John and Janie Strachan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stuart

Sally y Charles Svenson

Karen and Dave Thomas

Fundación Bluestone

    Mr. Wade Thompson and Mrs. Penelope Lapham

Sra. Kathleen G. Vagt

Sr. Joseph Visalli y Sra. Matie Flowers

George and Barbara von Mehren

Craig and Constance Weatherup

Fundación David y Candace Weir

    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Weir

Sr. Michael Wolanczyk

The Yulman Foundation

    Janet y Richard Yulman

$500 to $999

Tom y Betsy Balderston

Sr. y Sra. Joseph Bogardus

Etienne and Lisa Boillot

Sam and Pauline Brookfield

Mr. and Mrs. Jere and Eileen Buch

H. B. Bullard

Sr. Thomas F. Burleigh

Dr. Corinne Keet and Mr. Aaron Burstein

Anthony Catsimatides and Alyson Markell

Jake’s Good Things Charitable Foundation of the Northern New York Community Foundation

    Marc and Christine Compeau

Scott y Kathleen Cristman

Adirondack Foundation – Zak and Desiree Dake Fund

    Zachary and Desiree Dake

Sandra Danussi

Drs. James C. and Caroline W. Dawson

Ms. Jeanne M. Defliese and Captain James D. Huck, USN (Ret)

John DeWeese

Jim Dillon

John y Lucy Douglas

Ms. Jennifer A. Faringer

Mrs. Constance Fong

Robert E. Friedman

Caroline and Timothy Fritzinger

Woodrow y Susan Gandy

John A. y Mary E. Gerster

Flemming y Judy Heilmann

Sr. y Sra. Kenneth Hovey

Mr. and Mrs. Weston Howland

Margaret and Robert Huskins

James and Valerie Ireland

John Krull and Jenny Labalme

Henry G. Labalme and Jeanne McMullen

Anne Adams Laumont

Ms. Benita Law-Diao

Sarah P. Lewin

Max y Elizabeth Lupini

Adirondack Foundation – Caroline and Serge Lussi Designated Action Fund

    Serge y Caroline Lussi

Cecilia y Michael Mathews

Robert McDermott and Linda Zila

William y Mary Michelfelder

Gregory and Katherine Millen

Drs. Paul y Sara Monroe

Sally W. Nolan

Adirondack Foundation – The Cairn Fund

    Robert and Stephanie Olmsted

Mr. and Mrs. Don and Maris Pascal

William and Deanna Poole

Sra. Katharine M. Preston y Sr. John Bingham

Harry y Grace Rissetto

Mrs. Jean Robertson

Harriet H. Savage

Mr. Doug Schwartz

    in honor of Vicki and Richard Schwartz

Mrs. Ellen Phelan and Mr. Joel Shapiro

Paula and Binkley Shorts

Nancy Simpkins

Dr. Scott Manning Stevens

Susie y Tom Swayne

Adirondack Foundation – Nancy Adams Sweet Family Fund

    Ms. Nancy Adams Sweet

Sr. y Sra. Enos T. Throop Jr.

Mimi y Sam Tilton

Dr. y Sra. Thomas J. Tuffey

Margaret Wachtel

    in memory of Phil Lacelle

Muro de Silda

Richard Wardwell

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

    in memory of James Amodio

David y Mary Welch

Sue A. Whan

Mrs. Sally Coney Wheeler

Peter Wollenberg

Under $500

Ms. Pamela Aall 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Donald Ackerman

Dr. Robert E. Alessi

Lorraine Alexander

Mary Elizabeth Alexander

Susan Alexander

Kathy Allen

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Allen

Barbara Allen

    in memory of Harold Walter

Ms. Jane E. Anderson

Mr. Christopher Andrle

Anonymous (4)

Tonya Harrington

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Hart Anway

Bella and Sal Anziano

    in honor of Ray Smith

Ms. Suzanne Appleyard

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Arthur

The Aslaksen Family

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Fred Aten and Cathy Ryan

Juliana Athayde

Ms. Sandra Balliet

Ruth Baltus y Kevin Ball

Mr. James O. Barber

Audrey Barnes

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Mr. and Mrs. William Barnes

Kate Bartlet y Philip Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Basloe

Sr. y Sra. Charles D. Bauer

Tom y Liz Beckingham

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bennett

Sra. Patricia Benton

Amber Bergman

John Berman

Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Berry

Thomas Bewick

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bickford

Mr. Peter Bishop

Sandra y Arthur Bissell

Sr. y Sra. Gary Bivona

Mary Beth Blackmon

    in memory of James Amodio

Sr. y Sra. Carlton Blanchard

Brian y Janet Bliss

Alice y Bill Boardman

Robert y Kathy Boissy

Mark and Susan Borland

    in memory of Judi Borland

Dave Borland

    in memory of Judi Borland

David Bornside

Jeanette Borthwick

Mrs. Margaret Boyne

Sra. Cynthia C. Brandreth

Ms. Cheryl Braunstein and Mr. David Pollock

Jeffrey Braunstein

Douglas and Bebe Broadwater

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brosseau

Elisabeth H. Brown

Dr. Barrett B. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Brush

David Buckley

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Kevin Buist

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Bunnell

Ms. Marjorie Burns and Mr. Ron Fortin

William Burrows

Mr. Rollin A. Bush

Richard Butler 

Susan E. Butler

Steve Byrne and Barbara Phillips

Sr. y Sra. Richard J. Camarra

Charles W. and Margaret B. Cammack

Sra. Aileen Campbell

Mrs. Margaret Pierce Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Canuteson

Andy and Linda Caruso

Linda Casserly

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Castelein

Brian Castler y Kathy Duffendack

Sr. y Sra. Bruce Catlin

Kurt y Janet Cavano

H. Chadderton

Mr. Robert Chaffee

Dr. Nathan L. Church

Rae Clark

Ms. Alison H. Clarkson and Mr. Oliver R. Goodenough

Elizabeth and William Cole

Robert y Barbara Colegrove

Ellen C. Collins

    in memory of John R. Collins Jr.

Sr. y Sra. Charles Coon

Dylan Cooney

Mr. Michael Corey

Ms. Diane Corvetti

Mr. and Mrs. David V. Cossey

Mr. John Moran and Ms. Cathy Costantino

The Cottage Corp.

Jim y Chris Crane

Sr. y Sra. Samuel E. M. Crocker

Sr. y Sra. Richard B. Cunningham

Sra. Barbara L. Dam

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Damiani

Paul Dammasso

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Ms. Kathleen E. Damon

Fred and Christine Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeAndrea

Craig and Joanne Decker

Harvey and Patricia Delson

    in memory of James Amodio

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Derrenbacker

Ms. Carolyn DeVito

John Dewar and Sandra McCloy

Ms. Susan Fox and Mr. Robert Dichter

Randall Digiuseppe

Betsy Dirnberger

Kristi and Sandro DiSanto

    in memory of Frederick Leach

Sheila and Arthur Donahue

   in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Donnelly

Katherine Dorn

James Doyle

Chris and Jean Dryja

    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Ms. Marilyn Murphy Dubois

Dr. Alfred E. Dunlop y Dr. Lynn O. Wilson

Mrs. Jeanne C. Dupre

Dr. Lorraine M. Duvall and Dr. P. Bruce Berra

Rebecca and Ronald Dye

Dale and Karen Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Elliman

Heather Elliott

Darci Emerich

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emerson

Carol and Robert Enright

Adirondack Foundation –  Evergreen Fund

Earl Ewing

Donald y Jean Felton

Janine Ferretti

Mr. Alan Fiedler

Mr. and Mrs. William Finn

Mrs. Gloria Flanzer

Elizabeth and Mark Forsell

Miss Mary Carter Frackelton

Ms. Linda Frank

Justine and Joseph Franklin

Denise Freihofer

Holly French

Catherine and Tim Fresh

Steve and Abby Friend

Mary and Ronald Furan

Todd Fyvie

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Michael Fyvie

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Frank Gabrielson

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Marjorie Garber

Casa de campo Garnet Hill

Betsy Gentry

Andy Germanow

Richard and Robyn Giaccone

Kathryn Gianotti

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Gier

Craig y Alice Gilborn

Patti Gillespie y Kenneth Cameron

Mr. James Gilligan

Ed and Judy Gilligan

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Donna Gingell

Mr. and Mrs. James Giordano

Fred and Gloria Gleave

Mr. Daniel C. Goddard

Bernice B. Godine Family Foundation

    Amy Godine

Marlo Goldstein

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Warren and Marilyn Gonyea

James y Melissa Goodspeed

Sr. y Sra. Gerald Gould

Sra. Jill E. Gracey

Brad y Mary Grainger

Yvette Gralla

Sra. Peppi Graves

Mr. C. MacDonald Grout

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Guzman

Mr. Neal Haber and Ms. Suzanne Haber

Andy Hahn and Cathy Hitchcock

Ms. Linda J. Hammond

Ms. Elizabeth Hanke


    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Harris

Mrs. Donald Hasenmayer

Corey Havelka

Walt and Jean Hayes

Mary Lynne Heldmann

H. Ernest y Bobbie E. Hemphill

Mr. Eduardo Heumann

Kathleen Hicks

    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Mr. Charles W. Hiebert

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hilbert

Sandra Hildreth

Mr. Russell Holland and Ms. Sue E. Brown

Robert Hollis

Mr. and Mrs. Rush D. Holt

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Homburger

Scott Horgen

Mr. Arch Horst

Host Hotels & Resorts

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Sr. Charles G. Houghton

Sra. Patricia Huff

Barbara Huff

Sr. William D. Hutchens

John y Anda Hutchins

Sheila and Jim Hutt

Michelle Hyde

Mr. Terry Hynes

Howard and Mary Jack

Ann Jamison

    in memory of James Amodio

Ms. Jane S. Johngren

Mrs. Elizabeth and Dr. Douglas C. Johnson

Mr. Thomas K. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Johnson

Al and Mea Kaemmerlen

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kaplan

Jim Karins

James and Joan Keebler

Dan and Maria Kelly

     in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Jeannette Kenneally

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Tim y Jennifer Keyes

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kieffer

Mr. Link Kilbourne

Mr. and Mrs. A Jay Kilcoyne

Mrs. Jean D. Killian

The Kirkham Family

Mr. Richard Kirsche and Mrs. Christine Kirsche

Paul and Emily Klarreich

Arlo Klinetob

Patrick and Marcia Knapp

James A. Kolbe

Dr. and Mrs. Martin W. Korn

Eduard Kozhevnikov

Joanne Kozloski

    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Mr. Robert P. Kreitler

Bonnie Kreitler

John Kronstadt

Eric y Maria Kroth

Joan and Miles Kulukundis

Ms. Mary Kunzler-Larmann

Donna Ladd

Dorothea and Stephen Ladd

    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Jill Ladd

    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Kathleen Lamb 

Mr. William C. Larocque

K. Paul and Barbara LaRue

Daniel Laskin and Mary Jane Cowles

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lauroesch

Kathleen and Joseph Lavigne

    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Pamela Leff

Sr. y Sra. Ron Leiser

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Maryellen Letterman

Mr. Peter Leyh

Ms. Sally L’Huillier

Reverend and Mrs. Bob Limpert

Dency Lippert

Emma Liptrap

Kenneth Lloyd

Amy Longini

Sr. y Sra. Robert J. Loomis

Mr. and Mrs. James LoPiccolo

Beth Lucia

Michael and Hazel Lynch

George Macfarlane

Iris Maddox

Sra. Barbara N. Malatesta

Sr. y Sra. Geoffrey Maliszewski

Kathleen Malloy

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Sidney Manes 

Courtney  Mangano

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre Manz

Sr. y Sra. Frederick Marcus

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Marcy

Kathryn Markakis and Geoffrey Williams

Jennifer and Dale Markworth

Mr. and Mrs. Camil Maroun

Linda Marowitz and Diane Gerdon

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Claire Marshall

    in memory of Jeanne Dupre

Mr. David H. Marshall

Frances Martinez

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Matzell

Lorna McCartan

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Joyce and Hugh McCormick Charitable Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCrum

Tammy and Kevin McDonnell

     in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Allola McGraw

Sr. y Sra. David y Amy McNamara

Sara McNamara 

Charles P. and Pamela Aall McPherson

Suzanne y Paul McPhillips

Adirondack Foundation- James & Pauline McSweeney Murphy Memorial Fund

Mr. James B. Meade

Ms. Julie Mealo

Sr. y Sra. Thomas Meldrim

Diane Meliosky

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Paul and Elaine Menge

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Menke

Randy Merrill

Steven and Patricia Messinger

Sr. y Sra. Bob Meyer

Kris Meys

Reed and Karen

Michael and Katharine Miller

    in memory of James Amodio

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller

    in honor of Sylvia and Richard Wohlgemuth’s 50th wedding anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Miller

Sr. y Sra. Joel A. Millikan

Dr. Diane E. Miltz

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mirczak

Sra. Marjory B. Moeller

Patricia Moles

Mrs. Carolyn C. Montague and Mr. James M. Clement

James y Carrie Moore

Michelle Moran

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Morehouse

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Morgan

Anthony Morgano

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Morrison

Sr. Stephen Muller

Jeannette Murdie

Mr. Tony Musgrave

    in memory of Warder Cadbury

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Nadel

Debora Nally

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Carl and Jean Needy

Catherine Nelson

Ms. Camille Costa Nerney and Mr. Michael Nerney

Sr. Allan P. Newell

Reverendo y señora David C. Newkirk

Sr. y Sra. Gary A. Nordmann

Mr. William Kemp Norman Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Paul O’Brien

Edward Olley and Lorraine Goodnough

Ms. Kathryn Orth

David and Elizabeth Oster

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ostertag

Dr. y Sra. Thomas J. Oven

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Palmer

Susan Panetta

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Paso de María

Nan and Bill Paternotte

Dr. Russell V. Paul

Deborah Paul

     in memory of Jeanne Dupre

David y Audrey Peartree

Carlos Pelaez

Mr. Jerold Pepper and Ms. Nancy Berkowitz

Gregory and Heather Perkins

John Perreault

Erin Perrilleon

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Eric Perrott

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pickels

Sr. y Sra. George Pifko Jr.

Henry y Patricia Pildner

Sra. Carol Pinney

Phyllis Tilson Piotrow

Ms. Mari-Anne Pisarri

David and Susan Plank

Mr. David T. Luntz and Ms. Cynthia A. Platt

Mr. Joel D. Plumley

Bridget Polidore

Howard H. Tomlinson and Kathrin W. Poole

Liz Pope

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pratt

Sr. y Sra. David S. Premo

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Quenell

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Quigley

Alan and Dorie Redeker

Mr. Scott Relyea

    in memory of Frederick Leach

Carol Relyea

     in memory of Frederick Leach

David y Dorothea Renslow 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reynolds

Sandra Rhoades

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Bettyan Rinefierd

Thomas Rinefierd y Mary Beckelhimer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Robinson

Eleanor Robinson

Mrs. Belinda Roblee

Matt Rocco

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Avery Rockefeller

Debra Roe y Rosanne Murphy

Ms. Mary M. Rogers

Sarah Rogerson

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Sra. Phoebe N. Rogerson y Sr. David Brill

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Lynn Rohlf

Richard J. Ruane

Ted and Sherry Ruckert

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Rudnick

Scott Ruscetta

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Rushton

    in memory of S. Paul Rushton

Mary Anne Ryan

Sr. y Sra. Michael J. E. Sacco

Karen Sahler

Sharon Sainsbury

Dr. Catherine D. Sales and Mr. Eric Gustin

Sr. y Sra. Henry O. Schaab

David S. Hudson and Patricia A. Scheppman

Mr. and Mrs. William Schluter, Jr.

Gail and Peer Schmidtchen

Scott Schminky

    in memory of Marjorie Hadden

Sr. y Sra. Garrett Schniewind

Ellen Schwalenstocker

Mr. Steven Schwartz

    in honor of Vicki and Richard Schwartz

Dr. David Schwenker

Mimi Scully

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Seager

Sr. y Sra. Luke Sears

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Secor Jr.

Sr. y Sra. Harris Semegram

Sr. y Sra. Donald F. Senecal

Dr. and Mrs. Peter D. Shapiro

Timothy y Gretchen Sharlow

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Shaw

Lawrence E. Shaw

Charles M. Sheerin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shelmandine

    in memory of Walter Knudsen; in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Jamie Shenkman y Chris Magadini

Susan Short and John Karl

    in memory of Kelley Alison Smith

Mrs. Barbara Shuck

Sr. David Sickler

Ann and Jim Sidford

Sr. y Sra. Brach Simpson

Sr. y Sra. Donald H. Skop

Sr. Timothy J. Slisz

Sr. K. Patrick Smith

Mrs. Shirley Smith

Ms. Judith Johnstone Smith

    in memory of Douglas Johnstone

Mitchel and Cindy Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Smith

Jill Sneider

     in memory of James Amodio

Carl Snow

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sonneborn

John Spasiano

Dr. and Mrs. John F. Sperling

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sprague

    in memory of Nate Varney

St Joseph’s Behavioral Health

    in memory of James Amodio

Paul C. Staeger 

Carolyn Stark

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Sr. y Sra. Joseph A. Steet

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stevens

Sue Stewart

Jamie y Ben Strader

Teatro Strand de Old Forge, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Strong

David P. Stuhr

Robert Surovell

Ms. Alicia Svenson and Mr. Matthew Friese

Dorothy M. Swanson

    in memory of Charles E. Swanson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Swift 

Ms. Kristine Tait

Douglas Taylor

Jacquelin Tegiacchi

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Bruce y Nancy Thayer

Nancy E. Tiedemann

Mr. and Mrs. William Tierney

Timberlock, Inc.

David A. and Sara Torrey

Mr. and Mrs. H. Craig Treiber

Mr. Joel Treisman

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Trenkler

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ughetta, Jr.

Julie Ulacco-Woodcock

Ms. Florence Updegraft

Sr. y Sra. Arthur Upright

Sr. y Sra. Michael Urfirer

Mr. Robert K. Urquhart

Mr. George D. Utley III and Dr. Ellen Koch Utley

Brenda y Jack Valentine

David Van Aken

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Yperen

Sr. Bill Vanzee

Frederick and Laura VanDeusen

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel VanVoorhis

Anthony Vellone

Dr. y Sra. Robert J. Virostek

George and Susan Visconti

Virginia and Richard Vuolo

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

La empresa Waldheim, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Waldron Jr.

Susan Wallace

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Ms. Allison Warner

Sra. Sharon A. Warren

Lieta Washington

Mr. Ted Watson

Mrs. Rose Weckesser

Tamar y Rick Weerts

Peter and Diana Weinberg

    in memory of Anne Marie Burchhardt

Edward Welch y Donna Trautwein-Welch

Sr. Daniel S. Weld y Sra. Margaret Rosenfeld

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Welling

Sr. y Sra. Gregory D. Welsh

Paul Wendler

Sr. y Sra. Benjamin Wetmore

Bob y Janet Whitaker

Mr. and Mrs. James and Alma Whitney

Mrs. Denise W. Wicks

Wide River Antiques and Uniques

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wildermuth

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wiles

Lisa Will

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest and Sharon Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willis

Mr. and Mrs. Roy and Marilyn Wires

Maia Wolfanger

    in memory of her father

Ruth Ann Wood

Sam y Gail Woods

Sr. y Sra. Tim Wright

Adirondack Foundation – Jenkins Fund

Fran Yardley y Burdette Parks

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yeskoo

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Young

Sr. Thomas A. Yuhas

Dr. Lawrence Zemel

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zicha