Our Supporters

The Adirondack Experience relies on the generosity of friends and supporters to meet the cost of exhibits, programs, and collections care. The board and staff deeply appreciate all of those listed below who made a contribution in 2021.

Abanakee Studios
Sheldon and Rochelle Abelson
Kurt Abrahamson
Anita and John Abrams
B. Donald and Kay S. Ackerman
Mr. Mark Adams
Neal and Linda Adams
Naomi and Betsy Adelman
Adirondack “By Owner”
Adirondack Foundation- James & Pauline McSweeney Murphy Memorial Fund
Adirondack Hotel
Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts
Adirondack League Club Community Fund at The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties
Adirondack Mountain Rustic Gallery LLC
Adirondack Rowboats, Paddle & Oar
Adirondack Saddle Tours
Adirondack Trail Motel
ADK Little Cabins, LLC
David and Carmen Adler
Joe and Diane Ahrberg
Mary and Bar Aiken
Mrs. Sherrie Alban
Mrs. and Mr. Barbara Albanese
Joey Albarelli
Mr. Michael Albaugh
Audra Albright
Mrs. Lynda Albright
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Alessi
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Alessi, Jr.
Doreen Alessi-Holmes and Shane Holmes
Lorraine Alexander
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Alexander
Susan Alexander
Mr. Lee Allard
Charles and Sheila Allen
David and Debbie Allen
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John and Ann Allen
Jonathan Allen
Kathy Allen
Patrick and Jessica Allen
Philip Allen
Samuel and Diane Allen
Wilber and Judy Allen
James and Judy Allison
Mary Ellen and Wayne Allison
Allyn International Services, Inc.
AmazonSmile Foundation
Kat and Derrick Ambrosino
Al and Linda Ames
Jennifer and Spencer Amstutz
James and Tamara Anderson
Jane Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson
Jan C. K. Anderson
Mr. John Anderson
Shawn and Peter Anderson
Susan Andrea
Don and Toni Andrews
Mr. Christopher Andrle
Karl and Christine Andrzejczyk
William and Diane Angell
Ausra and Curt Angermann
Stuart and Joyce Angert
C. Douglas and Susan Angevine
Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library
Anonymous (7)
Joy Antell
Joanne Antun
Mr. and Mrs. Hart Anway
Richard and Millie Anzalone
Ms. Suzanne Appleyard
Dr. Leonard Argentine
Mrs. Patricia Argoff
Douglas and Olga Armer
Mr. Chris Arthur
Elizabeth and Michael Arthur
Sharon and Chris Arthur
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Karen Artuso
Charles and Sharon Ascher
Dr. Nancy Ashley
Mrs. Duffield Ashmead
Duffield Ashmead and Eric Ort
Mr. and Ms. Fred G. Aten Jr.
Susan and James Atkins
Todd Atkinson
Tony and Penny Atkiss
Mr. Steven Atlas and Ms. Lestra Litchfield
Paul M. Auburn
Christopher and Debra Auletta
Laura and Peter Auster
Robert and Karen Avery
Richard and Elaine Avidon
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Judith Azoff
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Babcock
Eric Backman
Mark and Cheryl Badcock
Mr. Paul Baerman
Richard and Diane Bahlmann
Ms. Carol Baker
Daniel and Jennifer Baker
Gary and Deborah Baker
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Baker
Laura Baker
Natarajan and Seethalakshmi Balasubramanian
Deborah and Timothy Ball
Ruth Baltus and Kevin Ball
Debbie and Rich Bango
Simeon and Hafina Bankoff
Lauri and Peter Baram
William Barber
John and Maureen Baringer
Claire and Timothy Barnett
Sharon Barr and Alexander Hoskins
Julieta Barroeta
Matthew and Cassie Barron
Robert and Lisa Bartkowiak
Katherine Bartlet
Lynne Bartolucci
in memory of Robert C. Seils
Rev. Charles R. and Ruth M. Barton
Joseph and Evalyn Basloe
Kirsten Bassion
CDR Jim Bateman USN (retired)
Paul and Connie Bates
Mrs. Jennifer Battaglioli
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bauer
Peter Bauer
Peter and Cathleen Bauer
Mary and Jon Baum
Reginald and Jameson Baxter
Susan and Lloyd Bayer
The Howard Bayne Fund
Leo Cox Beach Philanthropic Foundation
Allen and Hannah Beals
Roger and Erin Bearden
Bob and Ginger Beardmore
Joel and Nancy Beaudin
Knox Family Foundation
Mrs. Paul Beaudoin
David and Joyce Beaumont
David and Susan Beck
Linda Beck
Ms. Tracy Beck
Mr. George J. Becker Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beckett
Tom and Liz Beckingham
Roy and Nancy Beecher
Mr. Robert Beehm
Omar and Caroline Beer
Patti and Mike Begley
Rebecca and Evan Behre
Clifford and Susan Behrens
Frances Beinecke and Paul Elston
John and Sabine Beisler
Vincent and Nicole Belgiovine
Mrs. Adrienne Bell
Christy and Susan Bell
Linda Belleville
Barney and Susan Bellinger
Katy and John Beltz
Francis Belyea
Liz Belyea
Ben & Jerry’s Lake George and Bolton Landing
Dr. Adrian T. Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Alan H. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bennett
Mr. Peter Benoit
Robert and Carol Benson
Ms. Patricia Benton
Daniel and Nancy Berggren
Sally and Sanders Berk
Ms. Joyce Berkowitz
Ryan and Elizabeth Berley
Jon and Jenn Berlin
Joe and Anne Bernat
Mr. and Mrs. Allan and Jean Berry
Eric and Melissa Berry
Peter and Antonia Bertolozzi
in memory of Harry Laufer
John and Carol Bessette
Ellen and Michael Bettmann
O.J. and Anna Betz
Mrs. Suzanne Betz
Koko and Ed Bickford
Mrs. Jean Biesenbach
Big Lots Inc.
Frederick and Karo Billard
Christine Billings
James and Michelle Billings
Paula and Jon Binder
Ms. Jennifer Bine
Dale and Marlynn Binkley
Ms. Jean L. Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bird
Annette and Francis Birdsall
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn S. Birdsong
Renee Birnbaum
Barbara and Thomas Bischoff
Mr. Peter Bishop
Sandra and Arthur Bissell
Mr. Richard L. Bitely
Mrs. Charleen M. Bivona
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bivona
Attelia and William Blackard
Joe and Eileen Blackburn
Charles and Joan Blackman
Ms. Elizabeth M. Blaicher and Ms. Sandra M. Uhlig
Mrs. Donna Blair
Miss Michelle Blair
Elizabeth Blakelock
The Blakely Family
Mr. Scott Blakely
George and Martha Blakeslee
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Blanchard
Nicole Blanchette
Thomas and Katherine Blaser
Parker and Judy Blatchford
Richard and Linda Bleibtrey
Janet and Brian Bliss
Pete and Belinda Block
Edward and Betsy Blodgett Family Foundation Fund at Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Edward and Betsy Blodgett
Blue Line Coffee House
Blue Mountain Center
Blue Mountain Designs
Blue Mountain Lake Association
Blue Mountain Lake United Methodist Church
Blue Mountain Rest
Dr. and Mrs. K. Blum
Dale and Rosemary Bluman
Bob Curry Associate Broker – Timm Associates
Anne and James Bodnar
Robert and Nancy Boehlert
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bogardus
James and Kathie Bogert
Mr. W. H. Boies and Dr. Victoria Boies
Dominique and Tanya Boillot
Nicolas and Jennifer Boillot
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boillot
Frank and Beth Boland
Bruce and Heidi Bonacquist
Mark and Beth Bonacquist
Mr. Stephen Bone
Brigham and Tara Booher
Pat and Linda Boomhower
Bill and Terri Booth
Robert and Andrea Borgioli
Lee Borland
in memory of Judi Borland
David Bornside
Michelle and Craig Boronow
Jeanette Borthwick
Elle and Matt Boswell
Barbara and Tim Bosworth
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bott
Nathaniel Bowe
Catherine and Douglas Bowne
Margaret and James Boyne
Antonio and Anna Bracchi
Andrea and James Bracikowski
Amber and Nate Bradbury
Virginia and Colin Bradford
Bob Bradley
Ms. Marilyn Bradley
William Bradley
Christine Lilliot Bradt
Paul and Kay Brady
Mark and Robin Brand
Mrs. Cynthia C. Brandreth
Anthony and Mary Alice Brankman
Brantingham-Greig Reading and Technology Center
Olivia and Chad Braun
Florence and Don Braunius
Cheryl Braunstein and David Pollock
Jerrold and Anna Lee Braunstein
Mordecai and Shiela Braunstein
James and Teresa Brennan
Patricia Brennan
Scott Brewer
Joan Brickman
Karla and Charles Brieant
Donald and Phyllis Brien
Tim and Amy Brien
Eric and Mary Bright
David and David Brinkley
JoAnne and Bob Broadbent
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Broadwater
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Brock
Mr. James Brock
in memory of Pamela Noel Brock
Jill and John Brockway
Trish Broderick
Amy and Sean Broker
Melinda and Lynne Broman
Jeff and Elvira Bronheim
Sam and Pauline Brookfield
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brosseau
J. C. and Carol Brotherhood
Angela Brown
Dr. Barrett Brown
Cynthia and Robert Brown
Jonathan and Jacqueline Brown
Kathryn Brown
Mr. Nathaniel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brownsey
Alexandra and James Broyles
John and Lauren Broyles
Anita and Jim Brundage
Robin and John Bruno
Diane and George Brush
Kathe Bryan
Brynilsen’s Viking Village
Mr. and Mrs. Jere and Eileen Buch
Tamara and Thomas Buckley
Linda Buerkley
Eileen and Joe Buholtz
Mr. Jeremy Bullock
Frederick and Alice Bunnell
Lolita and Joseph Buran
Brandon and Jessica Burch
David and Kara Burdick
Neal and Barbara Burdick
Ignatius and Barbara Burke
Mr. John Burkhalter
Mr. Thomas F. Burleigh
Candace and Casey Burnham
Robert and Beverly Burnham
Mr. Bazil S. Burns
David and Paulette Burns
Ms. Linda Burns
Ms. Marjorie Burns and Mr. Ron Fortin
Robert and Mary Jane Burns
Seth and Melissa Burrows
William Burrows
Aaron and Corinne Burstein
Margery Burstein
Amanda and Cynthia Burton
Rollin Bush
Ms. Susan E. Butler
Tod and Jean Butler
Bruce Butters
Richard and Ellen Butz
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Buysse
Mr. Steve Byrne and Ms. Barbara Phillips
Michael and Janna Cacciaroni
Donna Stoner and George Cady
Valerie Cahalane
Jen and Ben Cain
Caldwell – Lake George Library
Vincent and Veronica Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Camarra
Cambridge Public Library
Duncan and Caroline Cameron
Cameron Foundation
Christine and Tom Campeau
Susanne Candee
Ms. Kerry Cannan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Canuteson
Susan Cappetta
Lee and Bob Caras
Amy and John Carattini
Darryl and Kathy Carattini
Mr. Joseph Carey
Wanda and Richard Carey
Peter and Patricia Carlo
David and Tara Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Carpenter
John and Catherine Carr
Mariah and Andrew Carr
Mr. Michael T. Carr
Peter and Nancy Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carter
Mrs. Kristen Carter
Mike and Maggie Carter
Suzanne and Les Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Cartier
Andy and Linda Caruso
Nelson and Lindsey Carver
Vaughn and Mary Casagrain
John and Corinne Casamassima
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Castelein
Brian Castler and Katherine Duffendack
Renee and Damon Catacalos
Christine and Robert Catanzarita
Bruce and Holly Catlin
Anthony and Alyson Catsimatides
Chalmer and Diane Caudill
Kurt and Janet Cavano
Matt and Meghan Cavas
Cazenovia Public Library
Mr. Robert Chaffee
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain
Ms. Carolyn Chandler
Mr. Jerod Chapko
John and Suzanne Charles
Peter and Catrine Charron
Mr. C. Daniel Chase
Mr. Ron Chase
Scott and Jeanne Chase
Sid and Dorelle Chase
Ashley and Geoffrey Chateauneuf
George and Linda Cherepon
Donald and Bonni Chester
Chicken Coop Forge, Inc.
Mrs. Judy Chickering-Kelsch
Nicholas and Lorraine Chiorazzi
Chipman Woodworks
Neil and Julie Chippendale
Anita P. Chirco and Thomas P. Fitzgerald
Gene Chojnacki
Emilie and Tucker Chrapowitzky
The Chronicle
Garet and Karin Church
Dr. Nathan L. Church
Thomas and Doris Church
John and Margaret Churton
Paula and Richard Cipperly
Christopher and Thomas Clark
Eric and Charlene Clark
Janis and Edward Clark
Alison and Oliver Clarkson
Brian and Petra Clary
Kevin and Holly Cleary
Robert and Deborah Clemente
Roman and Queenie Cleveland
Dr. Kristin Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Clough
Todd and Amy Clough
Mariclare and Paul Cloutier
Warren and Peggy Clute
Mr. Paul Coarding
James P. Cobb
Ann and John Coberg
Sally and Onno Cockburn
Joseph Codi and Anita Schradin
Mrs. Pam Coe
Adirondack Foundation – Linda & Sarah Cohen Fund
Linda & Sarah Cohen
Linda Cohen
Sarah Cohen
Rita Nolan and Chris Colarusso
Sam and Kate Colby
Laurie and Mark Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cole
Robert and Barbara Colegrove
Nancy E. Coleman and Douglas Wallace
James and Carol Collin
Peter and Carol Collinge
B. Lee Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Collins
Ellen Collins
John and Elizabeth Collins
Joseph and Margaret Collins
Ms. Sarah Collins and Mr. Charles Giordano
Curt and Mary Ann Colopy
Mr. Cooper Colwell
Steve Comeau
The Community Library
Christine and Marc Compeau
Edward Comstock
Diane and Robert Comtois
Mrs. Aoife Conerney
Mr. and Mrs. Aims C. Coney III
Rita Coney
Mrs. Heather Connally
Ms. Cathy Constantino
Patrick and Denise Conway
Bill and Teri Cook
Ms. Mary Ellen Cook
Ruthie and Steve Cook
Dawn Cooley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coon
Ralph and Shirley Coon
James Cooney
Dr. Arthur Cooper
Alison and Paul Coppock
Christopher and Colleen Corbett
Meghan Corbett
in memory of Harry VanBeuren
Corbin Family Fund
Darcie and Roger Corbin
Richard and Kathleen Corbisiero
Matthew and Kathleen Cornelia
Marguerite and Grant H. Cornwell
Ms. Diane Corvetti
Ricardo Cosgrave
Mrs. Emily Cosner
David and Jean Cossey
Cynthia and Michael Cost
Ann and John Costello
Marcel and Sarah Cote
Ruth Cotter
Timothy Coughlin
Bob and Mary Courtemanche
Ms. Gerardine Cox
Joseph and Jane Cragin
Crandall Public Library
David and Lorie Crandell
James and Cristel Crane
Lucy A. Craske Family Giving Fund
Lucy A. Craske
Elisabeth and Caroline Craven
Gary and Chris Crawford
John and Annette Crawford
Frank and Susan Crego
Sawyer Cresap
David and Carol Crikelair
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cristman
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. M. Crocker
Croghan Free Library
James and Katherine Cronn
Luke and Tanya Crosby
Arthur Crotty and Patricia Palmateer
Lynne and Edward Croucher
Kathy and Harlan Crow
Gordon Cruikshank
Ronald and Sheila Cuccaro
James and Mary Cudlip
Mr. William Cullum
Heather Cummings
Bennie and Judy Cummins
Richard and Monique Cunningham
Mr. Seamus Cunningham
Shannon and Mark Cunningham
Mary Ellen and Steven Curley
G. and Joan Currie
D. Sean Curry
Curry’s Cottages
Dave and Donna Curtis
Kathryn and Dino Cusumano
Ms. Helen Czarniewicz
George and Sandy Dagostino
Gina and Tracey D’Agrosa
Mrs. April Dalbec
James Daloia
David Daly
Richard Daly
Stephen and Linda Daly
Brian and Barbara Dam
Robert and Melissa D’Ambro
Thomas and Diane Damiani
Dennis and Diane D’Amico
Kathleen Damon
Lezlie and Richard Dana
Fred and Christine Daniels
Cliff and Linda Danke
William and Connie Danko
Sandra Danussi
William and Catherine D’Anza
Regina and Curtis Darling
Dr. Robert Darling
Jeff and Linda Darrah
David Darrin and LeeAnn Modestino
Mr. Robert Daubenschmidt
Jessica Daugherty
Caleb and Gail Davis
Kathy and John Davis
Pablo and Brenda Davis
Tracy Davis and Ralph Voltmer
James and Caroline Dawson
Ann and Roger Day
Day Wholesale, Inc.
Robin and Terry De Armas
Anthony and Ann Dean
Mr. Robert Dean
Paul and Linda DeAndrea
Carolyn and George DeAngelo
Kathryn and Dylan Dearborn
Ron and Dianne Dearlove
John and Konstance Deasy
Aaron and Victoria Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Decker
Jan A. and Susan C. Decker
Joan and Steven DeCosa
Robert and Marion Dedrick
Deerfoot Lodge Camps
Ms. Jeanne M. Defliese and Captain James D. Huck, USN (Ret)
John and Lynn Deforest
Joseph N. and Catherine M. DeGeorge and Family
Jim Dehm
Hannah and Jesse Deisinger
The New York Community Trust – Delafield Fund
Arthur and Juleen Delaney
Timothy and Tina Delaney Family Foundation
Sheila and Bob Delarm
Jack and Susan Delehanty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Delf
Donald and Jane DeMaio
Mr. Gilbert DeMarco
Mr. Roger Dembowski
Ms. Charlotte Demers
Paul and Patricia Demko
Matthew and Elizabeth Denis
Ms. Mary Denn
Gregory and Margaret Dennin
Sandy Dennis and Karen Ostrom
Julie and Mike DeOrdio
Dr. Paul Derdzinski
Emma and Joe Derisi
John DeRossi
Joan and Robert Derrenbacker
Regina and James Derzon
Dominick DeSiato
The DeSpirito Family Fund
Jon and Molly DeVaux
Lorelei and Steven Devine
The DeVito Family Fund
Ms. Carolyn DeVito
Marie and Richard DeVries
John Dewar and Sandra McCloy
John DeWeese
Wayne and Laura Dewey
Kenneth and Linda De Witt
John and Colleen Dey
Nancy and David Dibelius
Didymus Thomas Library
Nina and Alton Diebel
Mr. James Dieffenbacher
Robert and Ruth Dietrich
Lori and Vincent DiFiglia
Mallory Digges
Ms. Anne Diggory
Molly Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. DiLorenzo
Betsy Dirnberger
Mrs. Lois G. Dissinger
John and Mary Dixon
Ms. Judy Dobbs
Gail Doering
Mary Kimberly Dolan
Mary Lynn and Brian Dombrowski
Dr. Mark and Celia Domser
Xiangwen and Addison Dong
Ms. Barbara Donnelly
Edward and Donna Donnelly
Jean and Paul Donnelly
Ms. Judith Donovan
Marilou and Philip Dooley
Culleen Doolittle
Ms. Liz Dorick
William and Christel Dorr
William and Patricia Dorr
Peter and Cheryl Doster
John and Lucy Douglas
Mary and Gary Doviak
Hermine and David Dow
Ms. Mary Ellen Dowling
Kelly and Christine Downs
Dennis and Carol Doyle
Dale Dragony
Ms. Cathy Drake
in memory of Harrison A. VanBeuren
Linn and Debby Draper
Robert and Chris Draper
John Drapikowski
Nicole and Matthew Draskoczy
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Eric and Delicia Dubrow
Gina and Daniel Duclayan
Mr. Robert W. Duda
Elizabeth B. Dugan
in honor of Sarah Cohen and Linda Cohen
Robin Duncan
Dunham Public Library
Hannah and Richard Dunker
Dr. Alfred E. Dunlop and Dr. Lynn O. Wilson
Seth and Victoria Dunn
Stacie and Tabor Dunn
Peter and Suzanne Durant
William and Denise Durdel
Ms. Mary DuRoss
John and Merril Dutton
in memory of Harrison VanBeuren
Dutton Land Surveyors
Dr. Lorraine M. Duvall and\ Dr. P. Bruce Berra
Thomas and Lucia Dwyer
Ronald and Rebecca Dye
J. and Kathryn Dyer
Thomas and Katherine Dyson
Roger and Ellen Dziengeleski
Edward and Mary Earl
Rebecca Eassa
Irene and James Easton
Amy Eaton
Tara and Jeremy Eaton
William and Audrey Eberhardt
Dr. Margaret Eberl
Jeffrey and Susan Edmonds
Brad Edmondson and Tania Werbizky
Arthur and Barbara Edwards
Priscilla L. Edwards
Elaine and John Eff
Robert and Elizabeth Egan
Eggers Family Charitable Foundation
Eric and Kimberly Ehn
Richard & Harriet Eisenberg Foundation
Bruce and Jan Eldredge
Young Elinskas
Elizabethtown Library Association
David and Rita Ellertson
Ms. Joan Elliott
Michael and Beth Elsner
Craig and Jill Emblidge
Ann and Rob Emerson
Chris and Lesley Emr
Richard Enderlin
Carol and Robert Enright
Mrs. Erenstone
Durwyn and Marilyn Erickson
Linda and Paul Ericson
Mitch and Linda Erion
Margot and John Ernst
Stanton and Debra Ernst
Denise and Tim Erwin
Gregory Erwin
Ellen M. Eshchuk
Stephen Ettinger
Martha Evanoff
Daniel and Storm Evans
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Evans
Jon and Lucia R. Evans
in honor of Ann R. Elliman
William Evans
Fred and Ruth Everett
Ms. Gretchen Everett
Deborah and Kenneth Every
Dr. Lesley Ewing
Lawrence and Grant Fabits
Diane and Thomas Faglon
Frances Fairchild
Peter and Vivian Falco
in honor of Sally Svenson and Tim Delaney
Peter and Vivian Falco Family Foundation
Peter and Vivian Falco
Maria and Rick Falcon
Joseph D. Falcone
Robert and Judith Fallmann
Mrs. W. Margrete Falls
Gloria Fant
Anne Farinella
Ms. Jennifer A. Faringer
Donald and Mary Farmer
Suzanne and Whitney Farnham
Michael and Madeline Farrell
Michael and Patricia Farrell
Mr. Chad Farrington
Christine and Ray Farrington
Fauna on Flora
Matt and Stephanie Faupel
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Faust
Mrs. Lorraine Fava
Mr. Scott Fay
Elizabeth Fearnow
Gerald and Donna Feck
Jay and Dorothy Federman
Donald and Jean Felton
Barbara Feola
Mr. John W. Ferguson
The Fern Lodge, LLC
Anna Marie and Roberto Ferrando
Fred and Sandra Ferrara
Charles and Joy Ferry
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Ferullo
Mrs. Joan Ficht
Mr. Alan Fiedler
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fifield
Lynn and Kim Figura
Mrs. Donald R. Findlay
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fink
Jeffrey and Melanie Finkle
David and Tracy Finn
William and Rachel Finn
Mr. Robert W. Finnegan
Ramon and Sharon Fish
Frances and Gordon Fisher
Ms. Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Ms. Kathryn Fisher
Michael and Mary Fisher
Mark and Jennifer Fitz
Walter and Susan Fitzgerald
William and Cynthia Fitzgerald
Harvey and Mary Flad
Judy and William Flannery
Mrs. Gloria Flanzer
in memory of John Flanzer
Alexandra and Scott Fleming
Ms. Margaret Fleming
Terrence and Lauren Flemming
Kenn and Rehena Flessner
Penny and David Fletcher
Kara Fleury
Steven and Paula Flint
Roy and Florence Floden
Erich and Jasmine Flood
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Flynn
Steven and Sallie Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Folin
Ms. Kendra Folsom
Betsy Folwell and Tom Warrington
Douglas Fombelle
Constance Fong
Linda Foody
David and Judith Ford
The Forhan Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Drew C. Forhan
Bernard and Rhona Forman
Jennifer Forrester
Kenneth and Tonja Forsberg
Mark and Liz Forsell
Heather Fortenberry
Mrs. Nina Foster
David and Suzanne Fournier
Carl Fowler
Ms. Barbara E. Fox
Deborah L. Fox
Susan Fox and Robert Dichter
Mr. Larry Foy
Miss Mary Carter Frackelton
Kathleen and Jeffrey Francom
Susan and Edward Frankel
Sherry and John Fraser
Eileen Frasier
Mr. Gregory Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Frederick
Donald and Jill Freeman
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Freeman
Catherine and Tim Fresh
Janice Freytag
Mr. Mark Fridén
Todd Friebel
Merlina and Barry Friedlander
Robert and Sandra Friedman
Steven and Abby Friend
John G. Fritzinger Jr.
Caroline and Timothy Fritzinger
Ellen and Paul Fronhofer
Mr. Peter Frosig
Douglas and Aimee Fullman
Mary and Ronald Furan
Susan and Martin Furlong
Linda and Ron Furness
William and Susan Fyfe
Rhiannon and Thomas Gaborski
Chris and Gail Gabriels
Dr. Jane Gabriels
in memory of Jane K. Gabriels
Barbara and Gregory Gachowski
Janine and Blake Gadjo
Jacob and Alexandra Gaechter
Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corp.
Tom and Laurie Gaffney
Julie and Kenneth Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Gale
Robert and Debra Galinski
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gallagher
Kevin and Rebecca Gallagher
Shannon and Mike Galley
Rosalind and Matt Gallino
Valerie and Shelley Galvagni
Madeline and Douglas Garand
Marjorie Garber
Ms. Judy Gardner
Ms. Molly Garner
Garnet Studio
Jacqueline M. Garrett
Beatrice B. Garvan
Domenica and William Gasbarra
William and Dorothy Gay
Ms. Amber Geary
Mr. Richard Gebig
Sharon and Stephen Geerts
William and Jane Gehring
Jeremy Geiger
Ted and Kristina Geiger
Sherri and Marc Gelineau
Julie and Mark Gemerek
Neil and Joan Geminder
Monique and Michael Genchi
Geneseo Central Faculty Association
in memory of Harrison A. VanBeuren
Mrs. Elizabeth Gentry
Frederick Genung
Marianne and Bernard Gerard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gerlach
Darlene Gero
John A. and Mary E. Gerster
Bonnie and Ralph Gestwicki
William and Sylvia Getman
Richard and Robyn Giaccone
Michael and Gwendolyn Giannelli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gibbon
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Alice Gilborn
Carol and Doub Gill
Ms. Cheryl Gillespie
Patti Gillespie and Kenneth Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gillespie
James and Carol Gilligan
Marjorie and Barry Ginsberg
Roy and Kirsten Ginsberg
Mr. James Giordano
Jane and James Giordano
Nathan Giordano and Tara Murphy
Stephen Giordano
Carol Girard
Barbara Glaser and Paul Zachos
Howard and Karen Glass
James and Mary Gleason
Lori and Kevin Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Gloria Gleave
The Glen Lodge B&B
Jennifer Glennon
William and Kim Glode
Phil and Marie Glotzbach
Martin and Karen Glynn
Gerald and Rachel Gnann
Gerald and Jane Gochenour
Bernice B. Godine Family Foundation
Amy Godine
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Goethals
Goff-Nelson Memorial Library
Sherry Gold and Wendell Lorang
Victor and Christine Gold
Paul and Sara Goldberg
Robert and Karen Goldberg
Evie King and Rick Golding
Jennifer Gonroff
Barbara Goodman
David and Sylvia Goodman
James and Melissa Goodspeed
David and Clair Gordon
Derek and Deborah Gordon
Harry and Christa Gordon
Jennifer and Wally Gordon-Tennant
Dr. Dorothy E. Goren and\ Ms. Julia Goren
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Gorgas
Dean Gorge
Joseph and Judith Gorman
Thomas Gorman
Matthew and Ann Gormley
Mr. Jeffrey Gorss
Peggy and Jeffrey Gorss
Ms. Priscilla C. Goss
Allen and Tom Gosser
Terry Gottesman
Daryl and Eric Gottier
Emilie Gould
Gerald and Maureen Gould
Ms. Lynn Goyette
Joan and Bill Grabe
Donald and Betty Graff
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Graham
Wallace A. Graham
Brad and Mary Grainger
Yvette and Larry Gralla
Francis and Kathleen Gramlich

John and Beverly Granath
Cynthia Gration
Ms. Peppi Graves
Roger and Monica Gray
Scott Gray
Mr. Frank Graziano
Lindsey and Alexander Graziano
Daniel and Carolyn Green
Kristie Green
William and Michelle Green
Don and Mary Anne Greenberg
Robert and Elizabeth Greene
Ron and Debbie Greene
Greenman Rustics
Richard and Wendy Greguski
Kathryn Greisen
Gretchen and Lawrence Greisler-Corbett
Worth and Carol Gretter
Greylock Association, Inc.
in memory of Naomi Levine
Mary Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Griffin
Edward Grimm
Karen Griswold and Virginia D’Antonio
Robert Gross
Dr. Nancy Grosselfinger
Mr. Michael Grossmann
Mr. C. MacDonald Grout
David and Margee Grow
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Gruber
Ed and Ellen Gualtieri
Alan and Kathy Guarino
Elisa and Matthew Guarino
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Guerin and Family
Lisa and John Guide
Ronald and Dolores Gutfran
Susan and William Guttman
Jane and Shari Guttridge
Gary and Kristin Haas
Aaron and Joyce Haber
Neal and Suzanne Haber
Joseph Haberski
Mr. Jerrold Hacker
Michael Haefner
Scott Haefner
Gerald and Margaret Haenlin
Andy Hahn and Cathy Hitchcock
Noah and Michelle Haiduc-Dale
Ms. Karen Haight and\ Mr. Laurence Pittis
Mr. James Long Hale
Douglas and Holly Hall
Ms. Mary Hall
Robert and Charlotte Hall
John and Claudia Haller
Terence and Holly Halliday
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hallock
Peter and Donna Halsch
Terry and Jennifer Hamblin
Drew and Crystal Hamelink
Jan and Mark Hamill
Peter and Susan Hamilton
Thomas and Marilyn Hamilton
Linda Hammond
Sharon and Kenneth Hammond
Carola and Bruce Hanat
Charles and Lynn Hancock
Kristen and Ross Handler
Ethan Prince and Elizabeth Hanke
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Hannah
David and Korleen Hanning
Dr. and Mrs. J. Peter Hansen
Josef and Janis Hansen
Douglas and Muriel Hard
Dennis Hardy
Philip Hardy
Ms. Nicole Hargrave
Ms. Valerie Harper
Ms. Susan Harrington
Justin and Elizabeth Harrison
Harrison Family Fund
Walter F. Harrison and Ann Howard
Harrisville Free Library
Dr. Kristin Harshman
The Hart Family
Mr. Russell Hart
Mark and Adrienne Hartman
Thomas and Mary Hartnett
Mrs. Grace Hartshorn
Thomas and Donna Hartz
Janet and Donald Hasenmayer
Eric and Deborah Haslun
Andrew and Barbara Hauck
Henry and Gail Hauptfuhrer
Sally and Louis Hawley
Peter and Miyuki Hay
Jean and Walt Hayes
Merissa Hayes
Sara and Paul Hayes
Russell and Deborah Haynes
Timothy and Betty Haynes
Spencer and Odette Hays
Mr. Glenn Hazekamp
Jim and Kathy Hazel
Frank and Carol Headley
Steve and Cindy Heaslip
Michael and Sheila Heberger
The Hedges
Mr. Nile Heermans
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hegler
Flemming and Judy Heilmann
David and Gayle Heindel
Vincent and Nanette Heintz
James Heise
Mary Lynne Heldmann
Jeff and Ingeborg Helenbrook
Robin and Bruce Helfand
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Heller
Helmer’s Fuel & Trucking Inc.
Thomas and Robin Helms
Hemlock Hall
H. Ernest and Bobbie E. Hemphill
Devlin and Brittany Hennessy
Karin and Richard Hennigan
David and Jean Henry
Nancy and Jeff Henry-Serra
Mrs. Doris Hensler
Ms. Ariel Hensley
David Mason and Jim Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Herrick III
Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell Herring
Mrs. Paulette Herring
David Herschfeld
Betsy and Donald Hershman
Jay and Linda Herson
Jan and Jo Hesbon
Richard and Sandra Hester
Eduardo and Amy Heumann
Henry and Sylvia Heumann
George and Sally Hezel
Morgan Hicks
Wendy Hicks
Charles Hiebert
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Higgerson
Elizabeth and Donald Hilbert
Judy and Paul Hildebrandt
Jay Hill
Julia and Richard Hill
Hillview Free Library
Mr. and Mrs. James Himoff
Hollis and Brian Hite
Mark and Jacqueline Hobson
Edward and Lisa Hoe
John and Susan Hoekstra
Carl and Betsy Hoffman
Gail and Richard Hoffman
Jean Hoffman
Michael and Kathryn Hoffman
Rick Hoffman
Ms. Lisa Hoffmaster
Meredith and Brian Hogan
Dee and Ed Hohenstein
Edward and Sarah Holden
The Holder Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Holder
Mr. Henry C. Holl and Mrs. Ursula E. Holl
Russell and Sue Holland
Sara Holman
Carlton and Cheryl Holmes
Lee Holst
Ms. Carmen Holt
Rush and Margaret Holt
Matthew and Jenelle Holton
Dr. Tony Holtzman
Arthur and Catherine Holzman
Howard and Joanne Honigman
Arnold Hook
Mrs. Gertrude Hooker
John Hoover
Susan Hopkins
Anne and Glen Hopkins Gross
Hopkinton Reading Center
Wayne and Ellen Hoppel
Allen Horn
Jay Horn
Howard and Alisse Horowitz
Beth Maher and Peter Horvath
Edwin and Kathy Hoskins
Richard and Kathy Hoskinson
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hosley Jr.
Kenneth and Barbara Hotaling
in memory of Robert Seils
William and Patricia Hotaling
Mr. Charles G. Houghton
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hovey
Wendi Howell
Cindy and Wesley Hoyt
Qiao Rong and Pang Huang
Eric and Debra Hubbard
Phil and Sue Huber
Mrs. Patricia Hubert
Jacqueline and Richard Hudgston
Thomas and Deirdre Hudnut
Hudson Valley Investment Advisors, Inc.
in memory of Robert Seils
Barbara Huff
Ms. Patricia Huff
Charles and Sally Hughes
Don Hughes
Hullar Family Foundation
Theodore L. Hullar
Dr. Russell Hulse
Mrs. Jean Hunsicker
Robert F. Hunsicker Foundation
Robert A. Hunsicker
Mrs. Carole Hunt
David P. Hunt
John and Lorrie Hunt
Ms. Gail Huntley
Jery Huntley
Michael and Fran Huntley
Mr. Michael Hurd
Margaret and Robert Huskins
Randall and Carol Huta
William and Caryl Hutchens
Mr. Donald C. Hutchins and Mrs. Carolyn C. Hutchins
Mrs. Frances Hutchins
John and Anda Hutchins
Barry Hutchinson and Debra Pfeiffer
Mr. Jim Hutchinson
Rodger and Janet Hutley
Jim and Sheila Hutt
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Huwiler
Ms. Michelle Hyde
Richard and Norlee Hyde
IBM International Foundation
Charles and Sandra Iden
John Imhoff
Robert and Phyllis Inch
Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce
Indian Lake Restaurant
Indian Lake Theater
Indian Lake United Methodist Church
Mr. Stanley Ingison
Robert and Linda Inglis
Tara and Michael Ingrassia
Inlet Public Library
Inn at the Bridge
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Marc and Judy Isaacs
James Izzo
J.M. Huber Corporation
Howard and Mary Jack
Jack & Taff Fitterer Hand Bookbinding & Restoration
Jack Greco Custom Furniture
John and Peggy Jacobson
Chris and Erin Jacques
Maureen and James Janeski
William and Mary Janeway
Dorothy and Peter Jankowski
Robert and Marissa Janowski
Ms. Susan Jansen
Judith and Bob Jarrett
Richard and Barbara Jarvis
Ms. Penny Jay
Mr. and Mrs. John Jeffery
Barbara and Greg Jensen
Stewart Jensen
Ms. Chris Jerome
Danielle and Bob Jerry
Harold and Marilyn Jerry
Jervis Public Library Association, Inc.
Thomas and Gretchen Jewell
Peter and Stacy Johansen
Charles and Alice Johnson
Dennis and Sybil Johnson
Elizabeth and Douglas Johnson
Jessica and Matt Johnson
Margaret and Daniel Johnson
Rady and Diane Johnson
Susan and Robert Johnson
Sybil and Dennis Johnson
Brian Johnston
Carol and Edward Johnston
John and Janice Johnston
Andrew Jones
Mr. Bruce Jones
Mr. David Jones
Diane and Walter W. Jones Jr.
Donald Jones
Nathaniel and Rebecca Jones
Mrs. Jennifer Jordan and Ms. Karen Gaynor
Ms. Judy Jorge
Mrs. Wilma Joseph
Marc and Suzanne Joslow
Volker and Leslie Jung
Al and Mea Kaemmerlen
Karen and Blair Kahler
David M. Kahn
Sue and Paul Kaiser
Stan and Marilyn Kaltenborn
Augustus and Sara Kampnich
Mr. and Mrs. Bert A. Kane
Michael and Deborah Kapolka
Aaron and Pat Kassoff
Jack and Joan Kaul
John and Kathy Kavanaugh
Martha Keagle
Roy and Susan Keats
Kathleen Keck
Elizabeth and Alan Keech
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Keeler
Lee and Mary Jo Keeler
Jean, Hank, Jacey and Jessica Keet
Adirondack Foundation – Keet Family Fund
Lee and Nancy Keet
Lee and Nancy Keet
Harry Kellenberger
Michael and Gail Keller
Mrs. Minnie E. Keller and Reverend Virginia Atherley
Robert and Carol Keller
Pam and Dick Kellogg
Todd Kempainen
Scott and Kimberly Kempton
Rebecca and Trevor Kencsan
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kennedy
Kylei and Gary Kenny
Ms. Susan Kenyon
James and Lynn Keough
Mrs. Carol Kepler
Mrs. Mary Ann Kerlin
Mr. Alexander Kern
Joan and Sam Kernan
Nancy and Brian Kerrigan
Pamela and Dallas Kersey
Roger and Barbara Kessel
Daryl and Valerie Kessler
Ms. Bunty Ketcham
Tim and Jennifer Keyes
Miss Maylene Kiang
Alexandria and David Kibiuk
Charles and Katherine Kiefer
Tayler and Dan Kiefer-Bach
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Kieffer
Ms. Arlene M. Kien
Rick and Karen Kier
Marie and John Kiernan
Mr. Lincoln Kilbourne
Mr. and Mrs. A Jay Kilcoyne
Kevin Kilgallen
Kevin and Susan Kilgallon
Jean Killian
Paul and Tara Kilmartin
Mrs. Marilyn Kilner
in memory of Thomas M. Falzarine
John and Barbie Kimberly
Miss Barbara Kimmich
Lisa and Joseph Kimpflen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Hela Kindler
Mr. and Mrs. Allen V. King
David and Sarah King
Dr. Derek King
Jeannie and Angel Kinney
Dr. Lewis B. Kinter and Ms. Terry Timberlake-Kinter
Coray and Cynthia Kirby
The Kirkham Family
Mr. W. G. Kirkham
Mark and Colleen Kirkner
Mr. Richard Kirsche and Mrs. Christine Kirsche
Margaret and David Kirwan
Kara and Joel Kits
Brian and Erika Klafehn
Suzy and Evan Klass
Martin and Margaret Kleinman
Kleinschmidt Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kleinschmidt
Mr. Bram Kleppner
Mr. Timothy Kline
Arlo and Jane Klinetob
David Klingman
Richard and Laura Klinski
James A. Kloiber and Stephanie A. Wagoner
Kenneth and Jeanine Klopp
Patrick and Marcia Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. H. William Knapp
Marilyn and John Knarvik
Phyllis Knight
Mr. Bruce and Dr. Nancy Knudsen
Steven and Kathleeen Koebrich
John and Laurence Koerner
Mary Kohan
Irene and Harold Kohn
John Kohn
James and Susan Kolbe
Stephanie Brown Kolber
Martha and Jeffrey Kole
Patricia and Jack Kolff
Ms. Kris Koller
Edward Komara
Christopher and Marybeth Kopf
Edward and Jo Anne Kopf
Anita Kopff
Kay and Larry Koppl
Martin and Phyllis Korn
Steve and Karen Korn
Bill and Jean Kosina
Peter and Bruce Kostik
Chris and Phyllis Koszewski
Joseph and Linda Kozelsky
Andrew and Dorothy Kramer
Nancy and Jorge Kranich
Nancy and Ronald Kraus
Wesley and Bethany Krawiec
Mrs. Ellen B. Kreitler
Robert Kreitler
Lizanne Krell
Ann Kretzler
Anton and Barbara Kreuzer
Frank Krol
John Kronstadt
Eric and Maria Kroth
Mr. John Krull and Ms. Jenny Labalme
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Kubat
Eileen and Will Kuchta
David Kuhaneck
Joan and Miles Kulukundis
Jonathan Kummer
Sharon and Kristen Kumnick
Helen and J. Andrew Kundtz
Roderick and Kirsten Kunz
Ms. Mary Kunzler-Larmann
Joan and Paul Kuznia
L. Post Rustics
Henry and Jeanne Labalme
Beverly C. LaBarge
Joseph and Judy Labonte
Alan and Lisa LaBrecque
Mr. Mark Lacek
Donna Ladd
Patricia and Frank Laduca
Sean and Sharon Lafferty
Timothy and Deborah Lagoe
Bradley and Sarah Laidlaw
Dawn and Dennis Lajeunesse
Laura and Paul Lakata
Lake Placid Education Foundation
Mr. Shaun LaLonde
Ms. Eileen Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. George Lamb
Dr. Barry M. Lamont
Eva Lamoy
Janet Lang
Rosemary Lang
Thomas and Marsha Langan
Lanna Langlois
Bluestone Foundation
Penelope Lapham
Richard and Kate LaPorte
Mary Jo and J. Michael LaPosta
Donna and Thomas LaPrairie
Tyler and Christine Laramie
Jeremy and Sarah Larochelle
Mr. William Larocque
Mrs. Deborah Larson
Thomas and Patricia LaSalle
Toby and Nancy Laughlin
Anne Adams Laumont
Susan and Paul Lauricella
Helen Lauro
Annette and John LaValle
Mark and Suzanne Lavigne
Ms. Jean Lavin
Michael and Cynthia Lavine
Jordon and Mallory Law
Law Office of Elena Jaffe Tastensen, PLLC
Ms. Benita Law-Diao
Mark and Rita Lawler
Philip Lawniczak
Virginia Maloney Lawrence
Kirk and James Lawson
The Lawson Center
Wendy and John Layton
Mr. Frederick Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Mary Leach
Stephen and Karen Leavitt
Michael Lechicky
Brandon and Jennifer Lee
Gary and Karen Lee
George and Cynthia Lee
Ms. Frederique Lefebvre
Richard Lefebvre
Leh-Worthing Family Fund
Mr. Edward K. Leh
Richard and Donna Lehman
Richard and Kerry Leigh
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Leiser
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lenney
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Deane Leonard
Laurence and Martha Leprell
Roy and Shirley Lerman
David and Nancy LeRoy
Dr. Laura Leso
General Samuel K. Lessey Jr.
Tom and Jackie Leto
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Maryellen Letterman
Richard and Lynda Levengood
Tina Levith
Jack L. and Noreen Doyle Levitt
Ms. Carol R. Levy
Sarah Lewin
in memory of Chris Zajek
in memory of Jim Meehan
in memory of Tom Kershner
Bruce and Leila Lewis
Mr. Peter Leyh
Mr. and Mrs. Paige L’Hommedieu
Sally and Harold L’Huillier
Mark and Cathy Libecci
Ms. Yvonne Liddle
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Lieberman
Thomas and Deborah Liebler
Robert and Patsy Limpert
Ann and John Linck
Michael and Wendy Lincoln
Richard and Kathleen M. Linde
Jon and Leila Linen
Jon and Renee Link
Janie and Philip Listengart
Sandra and Robert Litchfield
Jenny and Luca Liu
Robert and Lynn Livingston
William F. Locke
Ann and Hugh Lofting
David and Gerry Logan
Jim and Puck Lohnas
Beth and Bill Loizeaux
Thomas and Sandra Lombardoni
Bruce and Deborah Long
Charles and Jane Long
Ms. Cynthia Long
Lewis and Marjorie Daniel Foundation
Ms. Debbie Long
Mr. Richard Long
Longhill Charitable Foundation, Inc.
G. Geoffrey and Frances Longstaff
Richard Longstreth
Robert and Loraine Loomis
Barbara and James LoPiccolo
Lindsay and Tomas Lovejoy
Elizabeth M. Lowe
Katharine Lowe
Elizabeth Lowry
Eugene and Christine Lozner
Madeleine and Russell Lucas
Joseph Lucchesi
Beth Lucia
Barbara and Catherine Luck
Muriel and Nils Luderowski
Nils Edward Luderowski Architect AIA
Diane and Walter Lukasewycz
Martin and Tina Lund
Max and Elizabeth Lupini
Joseph Luppino
Edmund L. Luzine Jr.
Rosemary and Craig Lyford
Edmund and Nancy Lynch
Michael and Hazel Lynch
Steven and Robin Lynch
Kevin and Jeri Lyndaker
Lisa Lyons
Laurie Lysenko
Renee and Neil MacDermott
Richard and Barbara MacDowell
Ms. Penny Macek
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Mackey
Mad River Antler
Mary and Bob Madden
Sarah Mader
Edward Magee
David and Donna Mager
in memory of Harrison A. VanBeuren
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Maggs
Vito and Katherine Maglieri
MaryEllen Mahar
Michael and Mary Mahony
Steve and Andrea Maikowski
William and Leslie Main
Gene and Kathy Maiorana
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Maitland
Diane and Brian Majeski
John and Ruth Major
Mr. Jack Majtan
Mark Malcolm
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey and Julie Maliszewski
James and Dolores Maloney
Jean and Peter Maloy
Dorothea and Richard Malsbary
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Manganiello
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mangano
Mr. J. Richard Manier
Lawrence Manion
Pamela Mann
Alexandre and Christine Manz
Carlton and Ann Manzano
Peter and Marilyn Manzella
Gretchen Marcell and Charles Thompson
Patricia and A. Marchese
Mick and Jennifer Marhevka
Andrew and Melissa Marietta
William and Barbara Marino
Mark Hannah Contracting
Linda and Kate Markey
Melissa Markley
Jennifer and Dale Markworth
Kirk and Susan Marlow
Camil and Ellen Maroun
Richard and Michelle Marowski
William and Helen Marsh
David Marshall
Rene Martin
Stanley and Kay Martin
in memory of Harry VanBeuren
Thea and Tom Martin
Todd and Mary Ellen Martin
Emily Martz and Matt Ellis
Patricia and Paul Martz
Mr. Stephen Maselli
Adirondack Foundation – Dave Mason and Jim Herman Fund
Mr. James G. Herman and Mr. David H. Mason
Ms. Ginny Mason
Stephanie and John Mason
Matt and Beth Massiano
Douglas and Margaret Masters
Daniel and Janet Masterson
Cecilia and Michael Mathews
Nancy and William Mathiasen
William Matson
Carla and Robert Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Matthews
Roger and Jane Matthews
Ann and Robert Matthies
Barry Maturevitz
Richard and Bonnie Matzell
Michael and Leslie Maurer
Michael and Doreen Maute
Cory and Heather Mayer
Mr. David Mazloom
Anne and Charles McAlpin
David and Nanci McAlpin
Jeanne and Paul McAnany
Karen and Tim McCabe
Bernard and Kathy McCann
Bruce and Elizabeth McCann
Lori McConnell
Scott and Felica McConnell
Joyce and Hugh McCormick Charitable Fund
Mr. Hugh P. McCormick III and Mrs. Joyce N. McCormick
Ms. Susan McCormick
Gregory McCrea and Amy Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Noelle McCrum
Linda Zila and Bob McDermott
Dan and Mary McDermott
J. M. McDonald Foundation, Inc.
Hilary and Patrick McDonald
Eileen McDonnell
James and Susan McEnaney
William and Pamela McGarry
John and Rosemary McGettrick
The Mountaintop Foundation, Inc.
Richard and Lorraine McGinn
Jerome and Barbara McGovern
Kenneth and Charlotte McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Warren McGrail
Allola McGraw
Cathy and Scott McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. Jay McGraw IV
Catherine and Kevin McGuinn
Andrea and Philip McGuire
Carole McGuire
David and Julie McHarg
Doug and Barbara McIlroy
Christina and Brian McKittrick
David McMahon
Jeffrey and Diane McMullen
Bob and Pat McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. David and Amy McNamara
Michael and Grace McNamara
Sara McNamara
Edward McNeil
Stacy and Paul McNulty
Charles and Pamela Aall McPherson
Ella McPherson
McPhillips, Fitzgerald & Cullum, LLP
John and Susan McPhillips
Paul and Suzanne McPhillips
Kristina and William McSalis
Marc and Catherine Meacham
James Meade
John and Judie Meador
Judith Meagher
Sandra Mealy
Dan Medalsy and Ariel Dayan Medalsy
Brittany and Anthony Meegan
Ms. Irene Mehling
Carin C. Mei
Jonathan and Erin Melcher
Thomas and Lynn Meldrim
Mr. Laurence Meltzer
Jeannette Mendell
Alan and Kathy Mendelsohn
Karen Mendola
Mr. Paul Menge and Mrs. Elaine Carter-Menge
Peter and Gretchen Menzies
Bruce and Martha Merchant
Annette C. Merle-Smith
Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Messerle
Steven and Patricia Messinger
in memory of Robert C. Seils, Sr.
Mrs. Helen C. Meurs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Meyer
Ms. Shawn Meyer
William and Mary Michelfelder
Diane Mick-Feldman
Middleville Free Library
Paul and Barbara Migdalen
Stephen and Judith Miggels
Gregory and Katherine Millen
Edward and Noelle Miller
Esther and William Miller
Geoffrey and Pamela Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Miller
Joseph and Frances Miller
Larry and Pat Miller
Pamela and Geoffrey Miller
Paul and Karen Miller
Reed and Karen Miller
Robert Miller
Robert and Frances Miller
Scott and Jill Miller
Sean and Amy Miller
Shirley and E. Paul Miller
Richard Millet
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Bonnie Millikan
Evelyn Mills
in memory of Harrison VanBeuren
Sheryl and Karen Mills
Ms. Suzanne Mills
Julie and Kamran Milner
Ms. Jeanne Milton
Diane and Shirley Miltz
Tina and Diana Minkowitz
Richard and Denise Miraglia
Ted and Judy Mirczak
Mirror Lake Inn
Carol C. Miske
Tim and Sue Mitchell
Ronald and Kathy Mocko
Mrs. Marjory B. Moeller
Mr. George Moeser
Read and Jane Moffett
Andreas and Helga Molde
Patricia Moles
Marie and Thomas Monaco
Thomas and Eileen Mone
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mongno
Mr. John Monroe
Drs. Paul and Sara Monroe
Mrs. Carolyn Montague
Ms. Laurie D. Montanye
Ms. Sue Montgomery Corey
Deborah and Dudley Moon
Jane and Rick Moon
Mr. Larry Moonan
Mr. Bilkey L. Moore
David Moore
David and Gay Moore
Gary and Angela Moore
James and Carrie Moore
John Moravek
Glenn and Juanita Morehouse
John G. Moreland
Don and Shirley Morgan
James and Diane Morgan
Tim and Jessica Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Morley Jr.
Donald and Martha Morreall
William F. and Mary Sue Morrill
Jean and Stephen Morris
Diana and Andrew Morris-Bauer
Bruce and Myrna Morrison
Stephen C. Morrison
William and Madeline Morrow
Anne and Richard Morse
Christopher and Ember Morse
Kenneth and Barbara Mosenthin
Mrs. Marcia Mosey
Susan Moskal
Lawrence and Joy Moss
Mr. James Mostrom
Thomas Muka and Juliann Van Woert
Peter and Betty Mulford
Jonathan Mulhivill
Gary and Elinor Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Muller
John and Ann Mullikin
Joe and Leea Mulone
John and Deborah Munn
Ms. Susan Murante
Anne Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Murphy
John Murphy and James Murphy
Dr. Ken Murphy
Mr. Paul M. R. Murphy
Dr. Cynthia Rye and Mr. Robert Murphy
Daniel Murray
Robin Murray
Scott and Jill Murray
William and Judy Murray Charitable Giving Account
Judy G. Murray
Dan and Nat Mussman
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Mutter
Lyn and Terry Muxworthy
Miro and Melissa Muzik
Dr. David L. Myers
Rev. Patricia Smith Nabers
Martin and Lois Nadel
David and Lisa Nagy
Edward and Sandra Nathan
Mr. William Nathan
Irwin and Julie Nathanson
Richard and Joanne Nawrot
NBT Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Carl K. Needy
Sally Neenan
Bruce Nelson
Janice and Michael Nelson
Nanette Nelson
Antonia Ness & Bill Ryckman
Teresa and Rodney Nesvold
Robert and Mary Netherland
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Nettleton
James and Lauren Neu
David and Alana New
New Hartford Public Library
The New York Community Trust
New York State Council on the Arts
Diane and Steven Newbury
Kate Newell
Reverend and Mrs. David C. Newkirk
Mrs. Faye H. Newkirk
Margaret and Tim Newland
Leonard and Randi Newman
George and Judy Newnham
Newport Free Library
Charles and Penny Neyenhouse
Margery Nichols
George and Rebecca Nicholson
Bryan Nickel
Robert and Barbara Nickerson
Deborah Nickols
Rex and Bambi Niles
Beth Nolan and Charles Wright
Lucy Nolan
Sally W. Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nolan III
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Nordmann
Karen and Gerald Norlander
Bruce and Cheryl Norman
Mr. W. Kemp Norman Jr.
Kevin and Susan Norris
North Country Public Radio
Northville Five and Dime Store
Northville Public Library
David and Barbara Norton
Mrs. Toni Norton
Trina Nowakowski
Melissa and John Nozell
Alfred and Beverly Nunan
Catherine O’ Hara
Suzy and Wulfrin Oberlin
Ms. Lucinda Obernesser
Linda and Peter Obourn
Elizabeth O’Brian
Ms. Barbara O’Brien
Deborah and Paul O’Brien
George O’Brien
Mr. Paul O’Brien
Janice O’Connor
Claire and Richard Oehler
Sally Cockburn and Onno Oerlemans
Gretchen and Christopher Ogden
Ogdensburg Public Library
Bengt and Polly Ohman
Kathy O’Kane
Old Forge Library
Ms. Ann S. O’Leary
Edward and Lorraine Olley
Adirondack Foundation – Cairn Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Olmsted
Stephanie and Robert Olmsted
Janet and John O’Loughlin
Peter Olsen
Oneida Public Library
Rev. and Mrs. Terrence M. O’Neill
David and Jean Oot
Chet and Karen Opalka
Robert and Sandra Orban
Robert and Sharon Ormerod
Tracy and Jim Ormsbee
James and Maria Orndorff
Mrs. Jacqueline Orsher
Ms. Kathryn Orth
Jarrod and Amanda Orzolek
Mrs. Michele Orzolek
Keri and Eugene O’Shea
Peter and Cynthia Oshier
Charlanne and Vincent Osoba
in memory of Robert Seils
David and Elizabeth Oster
Michael and Lisa Osterland
Marlene and Gene Ostertag
Glenn and Linda Ostrander
Ms. Amy Otten
John and Suzanne Ottomanelli
Victor and Marlene Ovalle
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Oven
Overhills Foundation
David and Celia Oxley
David Paddock
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Paddock
Timothy and Brigitte Page
Adirondack Foundation – Paine Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Paine Jr.
Paine Products, Inc.
Nell and Glenn Painter
Peter and Mary Palamar
Kenneth and Barbara Palazeke
William and Susan Palazzo
Lawrence and Wendy Palinski
Carrick Palmer
Kevin and Theresa Palmer
Palmer Point
Robert Papworth and Ginger Hall
Phil and Toni Parent
Anne and Peter Parker
Lisanna and Alex Parkhurst
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Parsons
Philip and M. Elizabeth Paschall
Mary Passage
Katherine and Jason Patchen
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Paternotte
Ms. Barbara T. Patterson
Brian and Petra Patterson
Miss Lorna Patterson
Deborah and Jon Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Patzwahl
Dr. Russell V. Paul
Richard and Joan Paula
Blakeney and Alex Payson
William and Judith Peabody
Jonathan and Joan Pearson
David and Audrey Peartree
John and Carolyn Peck
Patrick and Donna Peck
The Peckham Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Pedersen
William and Christine Pedrick
Ms. Barbara Peduzzi
Ms. Joann Pensabene
Jerry Pepper
Ms. Karen Peppin
Armando Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Perkins
Michael and Marlene Persons
Peru Free Library
Frances Peshkin
Chad and Kelly Peters
Donna and Roy Peters
George and Elizabeth Peters Fund 1 at Rochester Area Community Foundation
George and Elizabeth Peters
Wendy and James Peterson
Michael Petitpas
Philip and Anne Petronis
George and Lois Pettinger
Edward Petty
Philip and Bonnie Petty
Nancy and Joseph Pfeiffer
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pfleiderer
Jennifer and Stuart Phelan
Martin and Madeline Phillipps
Dennis and Patrica Phillips
Mr. Mark Phillips
Rick Phillips
Phoenix Inn Resort
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Pickard
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pickels
Warren and Sandra Pickering
Wendy Pierce
Patricia Piermatti
Danny and Ashleigh Pierson
Pierson Library
Eric and Lynn Piesnikowski
Mr. and Mrs. George Pifko Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pildner
David Pincombe
Robert and Pascale Pine
Robert and Janice Pingar
Ms. Carol Pinney
Kelly and Stephen Pinter
Phyllis Tilson Piotrow
Trisha and Michael Pipher
Ms. Mari-Anne Pisarri
Gary and Julia Piscitelli
PITS Professional Income Tax Service, Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mabelle Pizzutiello
David and Susan Plank
Cynthia and David Platt
Daniel and Xinlan Platt
George and Connie Plouffe
Joel Plumley
Sonja Poe
Point Breeze Motel and Cottages
Mr. William Pollak
Ernest and Claire Pollman
Diane and Danae Polsin
F. Clayton and Marjorie Pond
Mr. Aaron Pool
Carol Payment Poole
Ms. Kathrin W. Poole and Mr. Howard H. Tomlinson
William and Deanna Poole
Pamela Pooler
Liz Pope
The Steve and Kim Pope Family Foundation
Jan and Joan Popkin
David and Patricia Porteous
Bran and Cindy Potter
Jennifer Potter Hayes
Melinda Potter
Phyllis and Eric Potter
Winslow Potter
Poughkeepsie Public Library
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Powers
Tom and Jackie Pray
John and Martha Precheur
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Premo
Michael J. Prescott
Peter and Colleen Prescott
Ms. Katharine M. Preston and Mr. John Bingham
Mr. Percy Preston Jr.
Scott Previte
Meredith M. Prime
Jeanne and Daniel Proctor
Rita and Benjamin Proctor
The Prospect Hill Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Laila Proulx
Dale and Joan Prouty
Fred Provencial
Mr. Sal Provenzano
Mary and Jeff Puckett
Pulaski Public Library
Agnes and Mark Pulitano-Mancuso
Rob and Mary Putman
Eric and Alice Pylko
Robert and Judith Quandt
John and Constance Quenell
Diane and Kenneth Quick
Drew and Sarah Quigley
James and Nannette Quinn
Mathew and Kristin Quinn
Mike and Linda Quintavalle
Dennis and Judy Quist
Frank and Barbara Racioppi
John Radigan
Kathleen and Robert Radler
Mrs. Michelle Ramsdell
Marilyn Randall
Ms. Suzanna Randall
Ruth and Anthony Randi
Raquette Lake Navigation Co., Inc.
Julie and Brad Rascoe
Darlene and Raymond Ratajczak
Stephanie and Peter Ratcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Rath
Mr. Thomas Rath
Mr. and Mrs. John Rathbun
Brent and Beth Rauber
Gary and Kathleen Rausch
Andy and Deb Rawdon
Anne and Rob Raymond
Judy Read
Ms. Mildred Reardon and Ms. Patricia Connelly
Jack and Lenore Reber
Shannon Reber
Red Pines B&B
Alan and Dorie Redeker
Jack and Mary Redfield
Ms. Karen Redlew
Kathy Redling
Steven and Cristina Reed
Mrs. Lee C. Reich
Vincent and Barbara Reilly
Matthew and Kathy Reisman
Mr. Curtis Reitz and Ms. Judith Renzulli
David F. Remington
Ellen and Michael Remington
Richard and Emily Rench
Lisa and Frank Reno
David and Dorothea Renslow
Franklin and Mary Renz
John and Sandra Reschovsky
Paul and Nancy Resnick
Judith and Dennis Resnik
Mrs. Edna Rew
Alexandra and John Reynolds
Diane Reynolds
Peter and Beth Reynolds
Steve and Brooks Reynolds
Theresa Turck Reynolds
Aimee and Robert Ricciardi
Ms. Cynthia Rice
Larry and Elizabeth Rice
Steven Richmond
Wayne and Monica Richter
Ron and Sara Rickard
David and Donna Rider
James and Mary Riedel
Marcus and Renee Riehl
Ann Rigby
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Righter
Stephen and Mary Jane Riley Charitable Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation
Stephen and Mary Jane Riley
Stephen and Susan Rinaldo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Bettyan Rinefierd
Thomas Rinefierd and Mary Beckelhimer
Harry and Grace Rissetto
Ms. Gayle Ritz
Mary Ritz
Nancy Ritz
Larry and Sandra Rivenburg
Janet Rivers
Edwin and Mary Robb
Robert Henry Fine Art Photography
John Roberts
Stacy and Adam Roberts
Kenneth Robertson
Michael and Mary Robertson
Geoffrey Robillard and Carole Guyamier
Chad and Heather Robinson
Jimmy and Andrea Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Robinson
Richard and Jill Robinson
Richard and Dorothy Robson
Ms. Ellen Rocco
Barb and Mike Roche
Mary Ann and Robert Roche
Maureen Roche
Avery and Monica Rockefeller
David A. Rockwell
in honor of Sally Svenson and Tim Delaney
David A. Rockwell
Glenn and Debbie Rockwood
Mrs. Sally Rockwood
Joyce Rodella
Abraham and Clara Rodriguez
Debra Roe and Rosanne Murphy
Edward and Linda Roesner
Cornelia and James Rogers
Donald Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Rogers
Mary Rogers
Mary Lou and David Rogers
Mrs. Carolyn M. Rohlf
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Lynn Rohlf
Peter and Heidi Roland
Katherine Rooney
William and Kathleen Rooney
Richard and Barbara Rosen
Paul and Patricia Rosenberg
James and Linda Rosenbloom
Ruth and Dwight Rosenstein
Emma and Eric Rosenthal
The Meadow Hill Fund, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenthal
Cindy and Peter Rosenwald
John and Trish Roshelli
Ronald and Margaret Roslasky
Donald and Helen Ross
in memory of A. Richard & Judith Cohen
in memory of Dr. Robert Craske
Mr. Richard Ross
Walter and Susan Rossini
Mr. Frank Rotello
Katie and Joe Rotello
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roth
Kimberly and Richard Rotondi
Robin and John Roumeliotis
Kathleen Rourke
Tom and Mary Lynn Rourke
Sharon and David Rowe
Richard J. Ruane
Mr. Michael Rubenstein
Dr. and Mrs. G. Theodore Ruckert
Gordon and Jo Ann Rudd
Mr. and Mrs. Lease A. Ruddick
Sarah and Bryan Rudes
Carolyn and Seth Rudnick
Eric and Meghan Rumsey
John and Sharon Rushkoski
Molly and Will Russ
Brian and Niki Russell
Donald and Maria Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Russell
Louis and Judith Russell
Michael Rutter
John and Renee Ryan
Mr. Mark Ryan
Mary Anne Ryan
Miss Nicole Ryan
Mary Ellen and Jack Ryder
Oleh and Cheryl Rymar
Philip and Beverly Ryser
Heather and Nate Sabina
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. E. Sacco
Mark and Emily Sadowski
Steven and Lucille Sadowski
Nancy and Scott Saffran
Charles Sahler
Mr. Christopher Sahler
Karen Sahler
Pete and Connie Sahler
Sandra and Timothy Sahler
Sharon Sainsbury
Dr. Catherine D. Sales and Mr. Eric Gustin
Curtis and Wendy Salisbury
Lois and Steven Salisbury
Jim and Laurie Salmon
Richard and Christine Salmon
Kathleen Salsbury
Patricia and Mark Salsbury
Art and Nancy Saltford
Tom Salzer
John and Deanna Sammon Charitable Fund
John and Deanna Sammon
Robin and Nick Samper
Jack and Gladys Samuels
Michelle and Joe San Antonio
Mr. Paul Sanborn
Kathleen and Bruce Sanders
The Sandy Hill Foundation
Sandy Point Motel
Tom and Barbara Sanford
Philip and Sandra Sangster
Brian and Noel Sanlorenzo
Mr. John Santiago
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sargent
Ms. Sherry Sarine
Patrick and Mary Anne Sarmiere
Darlene O’Connell and Louis Sasien
Mr. Sheafe Satterthwaite
Richard and Beth Saunders
Ms. Bessie Savage
Harriet H. Savage
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lynn Savarese
Ms. Debra Sawtell
Pam Stanton and John Sawyer
Nancy Reardon and Steven Sayer
Judy and Don Scammell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Scanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Scavo
Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Schaab
Renate and Hans Schachenmayr
Christopher and Susan Schaefer
Greg and Ellen Schaefer
Leonard and Patricia Schantz
Boyd and Lynn Scheff
Ms. Victoria Scheffer
Valarie and Ron Schenk
David S. Hudson and Patricia A. Scheppman
Sarah and Don Schermerhorn
Paul and Karen Schimelfenyg
Carol and Jan Schindler
Janet K. Schloat
Nancy Schluter
Mr. and Mrs. William Schluter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Schmeichel
Mr. David E. Schmidt and Ms. Nancy Java
Paul and William Schnebelen
Albert and Lisa Schneider
Erin and Doug Schneider
Gary and Kathy Schneider
John and Eileen Schneider
Mrs. Lisa Schneider
Garrett and Susan Schniewind
G. William and Kathryn Schnur
William and Nina Schoch
Jon and Katie Schoenberg
Kate and William Schoener
David and Eileen Schoenherr
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schoff
Charles and Heather Scholes
Jackson and Cynthia Schonberg
Mr. Keith Schonbrun
Dr. Barbara Schoonmaker
Peter and Christine Schoonmaker
Paul and Deborah Schosek
in memory of Harry Van Beuren
Susan and Adam Schroeder
Ms. Susan Schuler
Michael and Hazel Schultz
Patricia Schultz
Mr. Roger Schultz
Ellen Schwalenstocker
Robert and Deborah Schwarting
Mr. Doug Schwartz
in honor of Richard Schwartz
The Richard and Vicki Schwartz Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation
Richard and Vicki Schwartz
Mr. Steven Schwartz
Gertrude Schweiger
Dr. David Schwenker
Melinda and Gary Scofield
Lori and Mark Scolaro
Mr. Richard E. Scordato and Ms. Susan L. Cox
Mimi O’Connell Scully
Elizabeth Seacord and Adam Feldman
Bob and Joan Seager
John Searight
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Searle
Seasons Bed & Breakfast
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Secor Jr.
Jen and Nate Segarra
Bill and Jackie Seils
Thomas and Evelyn Seils
in memory of Robert Seils
Joseph and Rena Sellin
Mr. Russell Sellman
in memory of Harrison VanBeuren
MSB Charitable Fund
Jeffrey Sellon and Marilyn Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Semegram
Robin and Ron Semp
Joseph and Jaye Semrod
Donald and Sharon Senecal
Nina and Dennis Serafino
Rich and Maggie Serapilio
Carolyn and Richard Serota
Howard and Bonnie Seufert
David and Penny Seyler
Mike and Trasa Seymour
The Shamrock Motel & Cottages
Joel and Ellen Shapiro
Peter and Patricia Shapiro
Timothy and Gretchen Sharlow
Cheryl Sharron
Mary Sanders Shartle
Mr. Gary Shaver
Jeffrey and Alexandra Shaw
Lawrence E. Shaw
Nancy and James Shaw
Ron and Nancy Shaw
David and Mary Sheehan
James and Bryan Sheehan
Charles M. Sheerin
Melanie and Michael Shefchik
Mrs. Dianne B. Shelly
Jamie Shenkman and Chris Magadini
David and Eileen Sherman
Louise Sherman
Sherrill Sherman
Kenneth and Nancy Shine
The Muddy Pond Trust Fund at The Boston Foundation
Binkley and Paula Shorts
Mrs. Barbara Shuck
William M. and Susan C. Shulman
Jay and Sonia Shultis
Daniel and Kathleen Sibo
Mr. David Sickler
Ann and Jim Sidford
Ms. Karin Sikirica
Christine and Martin Silber
Elizabeth and William Sillin
Dr. William Silver
Terry and Janet Silvester
Kate and Chris Simmons
Lenton and Barbara Simms
Elaine and David Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simoneit
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simons
Mrs. Rose Simonson r
Mr. Kevin Simonson
in memory of Robert Seils
Mark and Kathy Lee Simpkins
Nancy Simpkins
Mr. and Mrs. Brach Simpson
Ms. Roberta Simpson
Peter and Ellen Sinski
Donald and Karen Sipher
Mr. Daniel Skinner
Nancy and Marcy Skinner
Robert and Angela Sklenarik
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Skop
Mr. Robert Slater
Catherine and Richard Sleeper
Mr. Timothy J. Slisz
Susan and Thomas Sliva
Tom and Mary Slocum
Gerald and Arlene Smaldone
Catherine and Henry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Smith
The Daniel and Margaret Smith Family Foundation
Daniel Harlan Smith Jr. and Margaret Therese Smith
Daryl and Deborah Smith
Mrs. Dianne Smith
Douglas and Judith Smith
George and Kathryn Smith
Mr. Gilbert A. Smith
Glenn and Theresa Smith
Henry and Catherine Smith
Ian and Shannon Smith
Jack and Kate Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Smith
Judith Smith
in memory of Maxine Krohn Johnstone
Mr. K. Patrick Smith
Kenwyn and Sara Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Smith
Mrs. Lynne A. Smith
Margaret Jackson Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel and Cindy Smith
Nancy and Kemp Smith
Normand Smith
Mrs. Patricia Smith and Dr. Craig R. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. R. David Smith
Raymond and Jacob Smith
Richard Smith
Robin Smith
Mrs. Shirley Smith
Stephen and Cynthia Smith
Stephen Smith
William and Michelle Smith
Barbara and Roger Smorgans-Marshall
Ann and Todd Snide
Snowy Mountain Inn
Michelle and William Snyder
Philip and Patricia Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sokal
Michele and Adrian Sola
Mr. Paul Soldatos
Mr. Robert D. Solomon
Tim Somers
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Sonju
Peter and Mary Sotanski
Mr. and Mrs. C. David Soule
Joseph and Mary Spakowski
Mr. Michael Specht
Christopher Speedy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Speer
Tim and Verena Speight
Dr. Betty Spence
Barney and Luz Spencer
David and Ida Sperry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spitzner
Rick and Kaye Spofford
Daniel and Elizabeth Sprague
St. Regis Canoe Outfitters, Inc.
Ms. Cynthia Stacey
John and Anne Stacy
Paul C. Staeger
Joshua Stahl
Beek and Sally Stanton
Kent and Eleanor Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Stanton
Robert and Linda Staudt
Ms. Catherine Stavrakas
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Stazzone
Steamboat Landing
Mr. Jeff Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Steet
Mr. Gregory Stefl
Mary and Paul Stein
Joseph and Mary Steiniger
Richard and Frieda Stephan
Mark and Susan Stephen
David Stephens and Jean Robertson
Stephentown Memorial Library
Donald and Ann Stevens
Lindsey and Gregory Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stevens
Ms. Sally Stevens
Dr. Scott Manning Stevens
Tom and Beth Stevens
Mr. David Stewart
Emily and Mike Stewart
Noel and Deborah Stewart
Sue and Jim Stewart
Stewart’s Shops
Curt and Susan Stiles
Stillwater Public Library
Mr. William Stinson
Travis and Bobbi Jo Stock
Stephen and Mary Ellen Stofelano
Susan and David Stoller
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stone
Jeanne Stopyro
Susan Storch
Jean Storrs
Richard and Jessica Storrs
John and Janie Strachan
Jamie and Ben Strader
Mr. Kim Straus
Maurene and John Streeter
Suzanne and Jeff Streifert
Adirondack Foundation – Strickler Gallogly Fund
Mark T. Gallogly and Elizabeth B. Strickler
Kenneth and Joanne Strike
Stephen and Anne Marie Strobridge
Marshann and Lee Stroebel
Gary and Linda Strong
David and Joanne Strongin
Jennifer and Michael Struble
Neville Strumpf
Paul and Karin Stuart
Mr. John Stuckey
Dorothea Studenic
David P. Stuhr
Carolyn and Robert Stump
Robert Suda
Barbara L. Sullivan
Dennis and Susan Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Timothy Sullivan
Dan and Heather Sullivan-Catlin
Suminski Family Books
Robert Surovell
Alicia and Matthew Svenson
Sally and Charles Svenson
Mr. Jack Swan
Ms. Dorothy Swanson
in memory of Charles E. Swanson
Mark Swanson
Adirondack Foundation – Nancy Adams Sweet Family Fund
Ms. Nancy Adams Sweet
Steven and Joanne Sweet
Thomas and Wendy Sweet
Linda Sweithelm
Karen and Arnold Swiernik
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Swift
Laura and Mark Syvertson
Thomas and Olga Szekely
Susan and Melvin Taber
Glenn and Sharon Tabolt
The Steven M. and Joyce E. Tadler Charitable Trust
Joyce and Steven Tadler
Ms. Kristine Tait
Tyler Tamblin
Barbara and Charles Taylor
James and Susan Taylor
Janice and Skip Taylor
Mr. William Tempelman
James and Jennifer Terhune
Martha Terrell
Philip Terrie
Eleanor and William Teter
Michele and Michael Teter
Steven and Julie Tetreault
Clifton and Diane Thatcher
Bruce and Nancy Thayer
Mr. Garrett W. Thelander
Spencer and Carolyn Thew
Diana and Jeremy Thomas
James and Mary Ann Thomas
Karen and Dave Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Fairman Thompson
Mary and David Thompson
Ms. Mary Beth Thompson
Bluestone Foundation
Wade Thompson
Elizabeth and Edward Thorndike
Mr. and Mrs. Enos T. Throop Jr.
Karen Tice
Mrs. Nancy E. Tiedemann
Lyn Tiefenbacher
Mr. and Mrs. William Tierney
Mimi and Sam Tilton
Marguerite and Ned Timbel
Timber Hill on Long Lake
Barbara Tobey
Jon and Nancy Tobiessen
Joseph and Helen Todora
Mr. Bryant F. Tolles Jr.
Sarah and Richard Tomlinson
Jeanne and Dave Tommell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Tondryk Sr.
John and Lynda Toner
Kelly and Chuck Toogood
Jason and Sharon Topi
Mrs. Lorrraine Toran
Jan Torgrimsen
David A. and Sara Torrey
Juli and Gilmer Towell
Town of Indian Lake Public Library
Jim and Anne Townsend
in honor of Sally Svenson and Tim Delaney
Jim and Anne Townsend
Peter and Penelope Townsend
Nancy and Mike Tracy
Tim and Maria Trainor
Renee and Russ Traverse
H. Craig and Lora Treiber
Mr. Joel Treisman
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Trenkler
Mrs. Sharon E. Trenkler
Bill and Kristine Tribou
Mr. and Mrs. Rex C. Trobridge
Edward and Patricia Troischt
Johnny and Ashley Tromboukis
Troy Public Library
David and Valerie Trudeau
Ms. Kathleen Truscelli
Josephine and Rogier Tsai
Jean Tucker
Thomas and Joyce Tuffey
Colin and Lisa Tuggle
Mr. Craig Tupot
Tupper Lake Motel
Mr. and Mrs. William Tureby
Anne Turtle
Mr. Louis Tusso
Twitchell Sportswear
Pat Pauly and Rob Tyler
Gary Tyler
Emily Tyner
Thomas and Leah Tyrrell
UHY Advisors NY, Inc.
Mrs. Geri Rickert and Mr. William Umbreit
Sarah and Bob Underhill
Richard and Carolyn Unser
Ms. Florence Updegraft
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Upright
Michael Urfirer and Doni Fordyce-Urfirer
Robert Urquhart
Marlene Urtz
Utica Public Library
Mr. and Dr. George and Ellen Utley
Jeanne and James Utter
Ronald and Sarah Uva
Ms. Kathleen G. Vagt
Walter and Christina Vaillancourt
Anne and Todd Valentine
Brenda and Jack Valentine
Joseph Valentine
Alan and Carole Van Antwerpen
Harrison A. Van Beuren
Anne and Nicholas Van Der Veer
Anne H. Van Ingen and Wesley Haynes
in honor of Sally Svenson and Tim Delaney
Anne H. Van Ingen and Wesley Haynes
Barbara Van Raden and Dawn Van Dyck
Mr. Bill Vanzee
Cameron Foundation
Gretchen VanDenbergh
Keith and Danielle Vandervelt
Trine Vanderwall
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick VanDeusen
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Varnai
Stephanie and Titus Vaus
Phil and Cathy Vecchio
Kyle and Jennifer Velte
Jon and Ashley Vermilyea
David and Mary Versfelt
Giacomo and Maria Vieste
Nancy and Tom Vigneault
Ms. Katrina Villeneuve
Mr. Ronald Vincent
Nancy and Wayne Virkler
Robert and Susan Virostek
Mr. Joseph Visalli and Mrs. Matie Flowers
George and Susan Visconti
Ed and Brenda Vladyka
Ms. Joanne Vogan
Alane and Donald Vogel
David and Kathryn Vogel
John and Sandy Vohr
John and Genevieve Volks
Mr. George A. Vollmuth
Ms. Katherine Von Eckartsberg
Mr. and Mrs. George and Barbara Von Mehren
Voorheesville Public Library
Ms. Allison Vulgamore
Steve and Peggy Wadecki
Kate and Lynn Wagner
Rita H. Wagner
Kenneth and Deborah Wagschal
Raymond and Erica Wahl
The Walbridge Fund, Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Z. Walck, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walden III
The Waldheim, Inc.
Bill and Bonnie Waldron
Stephen and Judy Walke
William and Margaret Walker
Shannon Walko
Amy and Galen Wall
Mr. Mike Wall
Silda Wall
William and Carol Wallace
Robert and Diane Wallingford
Connor and Keisha Walrath
John and Jill Walsh
Jean and Dan Walter
Susan and Russ Walthers
Kate Walton
Keith and Donna Waltz
Mr. and Mrs. David Wampler
Marc Wanner and Judy Rush
Elizabeth and David Ward
Laura and David Ward
Robert and Ruth Ward
Sarah and Francis Ward
Thomas F. and Ann M. Ward Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation
Thomas F. and Ann M. Ward
Richard Wardwell
Ms. Rita Ware
Shirley and David Ware
Brendan and Christina Warland
Paul and Nancy Warner
Steven Warner
The Titus Foundation
Glen C. Warren Jr. and Tami Paumier
Ms. Sharon A. Warren
Warrensburgh Historical Society
Fred and Wilma Watkins
Denise Watso and Jennifer Hanson
Ms. Mary Jane Watson
Susan and Melvin Watson
Cathy and David Watterson
in memory of Donald Glover
Waverly Reading Center
Alice and Brian Waxman
Drs. Daniel and Harriet Way
Sallie and Greg Way
Craig and Constance Weatherup
Brian and Jen Webb
David Webb
Sally and Arthur Webb
Mr. David Webber
Mark and Tracey Weber
Ronald and Rose Weckesser
Larry and Paula Weingartner
Richard Weinstein
David and Candace Weir Foundation
Mr. Calvin Welch
David and Mary Welch
Edward Welch and Donna Trautwein-Welch
Anne C. Weld
Kathryn and Sheldon Weld
Mr. and Mrs. Will and Cathy Welling
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Welsh
Clifford and Margaret Welz
Paul and Becky Wendler
Brad Edmondson and Tania Werbizky
Pamela and Douglas Werner
Robert Wesolowski and Mary Dierdorff
David and Jennifer West
Gary and Jay West
Benjamin and Nancy Wetmore
Sue A. Whan
Alina and Edward Wheeler
Dan and Martha Wheeler
Mrs. Sally Coney Wheeler
The New York Community Trust – McWhelan Fund
Mr. Sidney S. Whelan Jr. and Ms. Anne S. McCook
Bob and Janet Whitaker
Gary and Dottie White
Stephen and Beverly White
Lorie and Joe Whiteley
in memory of Robert Seils
Margaret and Tom Whitford
Mr. and Mrs. James and Alma Whitney
Gary and Viola Wickes
Terry Widrick
Jeff and Kathy Wiegand
Diane and John Wiessinger
Barrie A. and Deedee Wigmore
David and Calli Wilber
Fred T. Wilcox III
Bill and Doris Wildermuth
Wildwood on the Lake
Christopher and Renee Wiles
Patricia and Kenneth Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Wilhelm
Ingrid Wilke
Michael and Wendy Wilke
Ms. Gia Wilkerson
Mr. John D. Wilkins
Dwight and Diana Willard
William H. Bush Memorial Library
William K. Sanford Town Library (Colonie Library)
Adam and Sarah Williams
Brian and Kimberly Williams
Mr. Donald R. Williams
Mr. John M. Williams and Mrs. Anita Williams
Robert and Shari Williams
Robert and Shelley Williams
Sharon and Ernest Williams
Robert and Virginia Willig
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willis
J. Scott Willoughby
Randolph Wills
Ben and Sara Wilson
Judith and Edward Wilson
Kate and Bob Wilson
Kerry and Sheila Wilson
Robert and Karen Wilson
Timothy J. Wilson
Wesley and Kerry Wilson
Gertrude and Don Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Wires
Mr. Robert G. Witmeyer
Carolyn and Tim Wojciechowicz
Mr. Michael Wolanczyk
Mr. Dean Wolanin
The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
Gregory and Nancy Wolcott
Gregory and Nancy Wolcott
in honor of Sally Svenson and Tim Delaney
Thomas and Elizabeth Wolf
Linda Wolfanger
in memory of Harrison A. VanBeuren
Mr. Shane Wolfanger
in memory of Harrison A. VanBeuren
Maia Wolfanger
Barry and Margie Wolfe
Bob and Barbara Wolfe
William and Phyllis Wolfe
Alexandria and Roger Wolff
Holly and David Wolff
Peter H. Wollenberg
The Charles R. Wood Foundation
Deana Wood
Thomas and Jane Wood
Barbara and Robert Woodard
Diane and James Woods
Dr. Fred Woodward
Peter Woodward
John and Pat Woolever
Richard D. Woolley
David and Emily Wormuth
Wayne and Kathleen Wozniak
Gilda and Cecil Wray
Jeffrey and Cheryl Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wright
Gerold and Peggy Wunderlich
Lois Wyatt
L. and Myrna Wyse
Linda and Robert Yakatan
Fran Yardley
William and Joan Yeager
Richard and Dena Yeskoo
Cheryl and Douglas Yost
Cathy and Chris Young
Charles and Jackie Young
Col. Peter A. Young
Tom and Suella Young
Mr. Laverne Yousey
Thomas Yuhas
The Yulman Foundation
E. Richard Yulman
Fern and David Zagor
George Zambetti
Jean and Louis Zampier
Tony Zazula and Mark Chamberlain
C. M. Zebley
Wendy Zeh
Anne and Kathaleen Zehler
Matthew and Teresa Zema
Matthew and Kathryn Zembo
Dr. Lawrence Zemel
Mrs. Charlotte Zepp
Dennis and Brenda Zicha
Loretta and Theresa Zimmer
Patrick and Katherine Zimmerman
Robert and Elaine Zimmerman
Richard and Lucille Zinn
Arthur and Virginia Zobel
Stephen and Darcy Zocchi