Our Supporters

The Adirondack Experience relies on the generosity of friends and supporters to meet the cost of exhibits, programs, and collections care. The board and staff deeply appreciate all of those listed below who made a contribution in 2019.

Abanakee Studios
Kurt Abrahamson
B. Donald and Kay S. Ackerman
Adirondack Capital International – Saranac Funds
Adirondack “By Owner”
Adirondack Custom Carpentry
Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm
Adirondack Hotel
Adirondack Land Trust
Adirondack League Club Fund at The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc.
Adirondack North Country Association
Adirondack Rowboats, Paddle & Oar
ADK Little Cabins, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Aiken in memory of Harvey H. Kaiser
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Alexander
Lorraine Alexander
Amanda Alfieri
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John and Ann Allen
John F. Allen
Jonathan B. Allen
Kathy Allen
Mrs. Suzanne Allen
Allyn International Services, Inc.
The Alpine Lodge
American Legion Post 651
Ms. Ann Anderson and Mr. Anthony Dean
James C. Anderson
Jan C. K. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson
Curt and Ausra Angermann
Anonymous (17)
Anonymous in memory of James P. Lynch
Anonymous in memory of John Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. H. Franklin Anthony III
Ms. Joanne T. Antun
Dr. David W. Armstrong III
Ralph and Karen Artuso
Mrs. Mary Ashmead
Bob and Tina Ashton
John and Diane Asiel
Tony and Penny Atkiss
Mr. Steven Atlas and Ms. Lestra Litchfield
Aunt Polly’s Material Girls
Mrs. Barbara Austell
Mrs. Laura S. Auster and Mr. Peter Hausin
Mrs. Laura M. Avent
Mr. Eric J. Backman
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Baker
Tom and Betsy Balderston
Ruth Baltus and Kevin Ball
Timothy and Claire Barnett
Kate Bartlet and Philip Ryan
Joseph and Evalyn Basloe
Richard and Elisa Bates in memory of Frank Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bauer
Peter Bauer
Jon and Mary Baum
The Reginald R. and Jameson A. Baxter Foundation Reginald and Jameson Baxter
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Lloyd and Susan Bayer
The Howard Bayne Fund
Leo Cox Beach Philanthropic Foundation
Bearhurst Lakeside Cottages
Terry Beaty and Anne Mehringer
Knox Family Foundation
RoseAnn and Paul Beaudoin
Tom and Liz Beckingham
Mr. Omar Beer and Mrs. Caroline Harvey
Frances Beinecke and Paul Elston
Bel Residential Properties Trust
Ben & Jerry’s Lake George and Bolton Landing
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Bennett
Ms. Patricia Benton
Sally and Sandy Berk
Ellen and Michael Bettmann
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Betz III
Elizabeth Bicknell
Big Bear Lodge
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Birchard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bird
Terry and Lynn Birdsong
Sandra and Arthur Bissell
Mr. Richard L. Bitely
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bivona
Colby Black
Black River Architects, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth M. Blaicher and Ms. Sandra M. Uhlig
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Blanchard
Parker and Judy Blatchford
Brian and Janet Bliss
Pete and Belinda Block
Edward and Betsy Blodgett
Blue Line Electrical Services, LLC
Blue Moon Home Builders
Michael Mahoney
Blue Mountain Center
Blue Mountain Designs
Blue Mountain Lake Boat Livery, Inc.
Blue Mountain Rest
Dr. and Mrs. K. Blum
Alice and Bill Boardman
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Boardman III
Boathouse B & B, Inc.
Bodnar Family Fund
Anne and James Bodnar
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bogardus
Nicolas and Jennifer Boillot
Robert and Kathy Boissy
Frank and Beth Boland
Glenn Bold
Bruce and Heidi Bonacquist
Bill and Terri Booth
Marilyn Bradley
Michael and Kimberly Bradley in memory of John Carpenter
Mrs. Cynthia C. Brandreth
Helen M. Branigan
Anthony and Mary Alice Brankman
Samuel and Pauline Brookfield
Angela Brown
Dr. Barrett Brown
Elisabeth H. Brown
Sueann Brown in memory of John Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Ed S. Brugge in memory of Geraldine Rushton
Rhonda and David Brunner in honor of John Fritzinger
Brynilsen’s Viking Village
Ms. Eileen Buholtz and Mr. Joe Blackburn
Mrs. Joan Burchenal
Mr. Thomas F. Burleigh
Ms. Bernice Burnham
Mr. Bazil S. Burns
Jeffrey Sellon and Marilyn Burns
Susan and Mary Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Butler
Brian and Lizzy Byrne
Mr. Steve Byrne and Ms. Barbara Phillips
Adirondack Foundation – The Cairn Fund
Vincent and Veronica Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Camarra
Duncan and Caroline Cameron
Ms. Aileen Campbell
Canoe Island Lodge
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Canterino in memory of Frank Cook
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carpenter
Mr. James J. Carr
Tony and Gail Cashen
Brian Castler and Kathy Duffendack
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Catlin
Nardyne and Dick Cattani
Kurt and Janet Cavano
Peter and Catrine Charron
Chicken Coop Forge, Inc.
Chipman Woodworks
Anita P. Chirco and Thomas P. Fitzgerald
The Chronicle
Dr. Nathan L. Church
Frank and Susan Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Clough
James P. Cobb
Mrs. Pam Coe
Adirondack Foundation – Linda & Sarah Cohen Fund
Sarah Cohen
Dr. Howard Cohn
Robert and Barbara Colegrove
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Collins
Ellen C. Collins
Ms. Sarah Collins and Mr. Charles Giordano
Collins Turf Services, LLC
Sarah Collum Hatfield
Douglas and Kathleen Colson
The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Aims and Rita Coney
Karen Conley
John M. Cook III
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coon
Roger and Darcie Corbin
Corvette Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation
Diane Corvetti
Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)
Bob and Mary Courtemanche
Robert Cox
Jim and Chris Crane
Lucy A. Craske Family Giving Fund
Ms. Lucy A. Craske
Elisabeth Craven
Frank and Susan Crego
Scott and Kathleen Cristman
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. M. Crocker
Kathy and Harlan Crow
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cudlip
Kathryn Angiolillo Cummings and Darren Cummings in memory of Frank Cook
Bennie and Judy Cummins
Ms. Ellen-Deane Cummins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Cunningham
Dave and Donna Curtis
William and Elizabeth Curtis
Ms. Helen Czarniewicz
Martin Daley
David T. Daly
Mrs. Barbara L. Dam
Ms. Lezlie Dana and Mr. Richard Torkelson
Lewis and Marjorie Daniel Foundation
Ms. Jean M. Darling and Ms. Mary Brett
David Darrin and LeeAnn Modestino
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Dascher Jr.
Joan K. Davidson (The J.M. Kaplan Fund)
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis in memory of Silence “Si” Roth
Rafael Davis and Elizabeth McConarty
Tracy Davis and Ralph Voltmer
Dr. Caroline W. Dawson and Dr. James C. Dawson
Robin and Terry De Armas
Paul and Lynda DeAndrea
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Decker
Dr. Robert M. DeConto and Ms. Sandra Litchfield
Ms. Jeanne M. Defliese and Capt. James D. Huck, USN (Ret)
The New York Community Trust Delafield Fund
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Delafield
Tim and Tina Delaney
Jack and Susan Delehanty
Mrs. Mathias J. DeVito
John DeWeese
Mary Dierdorff and Bob Wesolowski
Betty Lee and Dudley Digges Fund
Mallory F. Digges
Jim Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dillon
Betsy Dirnberger
Gail Doering
Peter Dolan in memory of John Carpenter
John and Lucy Douglas
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc
Marilyn M. Dubois
Mr. and Mrs. David Duchene in memory of Frank Cook
Elizabeth B. Dugan
Robin M. Duncan
Dr. Alfred E. Dunlop and Dr. Lynn O. Wilson
Dunn’s Boat Service
Jeanne Dupre Paintings
Peter and Suzanne Durant in memory of Richard (great grandson of William West Durant)
David Durkee in memory of Frank Cook
Brad Edmondson and Tania Werbizky
Daniel C. Egan
Bill Eggers and Deborah McLean
Richard and Harriet Eisenberg Foundation
Bruce and Jan Eldredge in memory of Silence “Si” Roth
Ann R. Elliman in honor of John Fritzinger
Jenny and Dave Emery
Empire Recycling
Margot and John Ernst in honor of John Fritzinger
Sharon Esler Sullivan in memory of John Carpenter
Jack Etter
Daniel and Storm Evans
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Evans
Jon and Lucia R. Evans in honor of Ann R. Elliman
Gretchen Everett
Adirondack Foundation – Evergreen Fund
Peter and Vivian Falco
Peter and Vivian Falco Family Foundation
Peter and Vivian Falco
Joseph D. Falcone
Gloria Fant
Ms. Jennifer Faringer
Thomas P. and Nancy L. Farrell
Ray and Christine Farrington
Fauna on Flora
Dorothy and Jay Federman
John and Angela Fedullo
Donald and Jean Felton
Fenimore Asset Management, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Ferullo
Alan Fiedler
Frederick and Madeleine Findlay
Ramon and Sharon Fish
Michael K. and Virginia Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Flack in memory of Dr. Edwin Russell
Michael and Karen Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Len Folin
Betsy Folwell and Tom Warrington
Drew and Nancy Forhan
Sue Foringer in memory of Frank Cook
Philip and Kathleen Forlenza
Mark and Elizabeth Forsell
Mrs. Nina Foster
Carolyn and Ed Fowler in honor of John Fritzinger
Ms. Barbara E. Fox
Ms. Deborah L. Fox
Mary Carter Frackelton
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Franklin Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Freeman
Denise Freihofer
Todd H. Friebel in memory of Carleton W. Friebel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Friedman
Ms. Sally Friedman and Mr. Charles Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Friend
Caroline and Timothy Fritzinger in honor of John Fritzinger
Adirondack Foundation – Brooknoll Fund
Mr. John G. Fritzinger Jr. and Ms. Janice Borzendoski
Gadway Realty
Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corp.
Gallagher & Associates, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Gallagher
Elizabeth Gallichio in memory of Dorothy “Dottie” Stoss
Woodrow and Susan Gandy
Mrs. Marjorie T. Garber
Garnet Hill Lodge
Garnet Studio
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gay Jr.
Edward O. and Elizabeth B. Gaylord Charitable Fund
Mrs. Elizabeth Gaylord
GE Foundation
Allan and Ann Geisendorfer
Neil and Joan Geminder
Elizabeth Gentry
Frederick M. Genung
John A. and Mary E. Gerster
Craig and Alice Gilborn
Patti Gillespie and Kenneth Cameron
Dr. and Mrs. Barry H. Ginsberg
Dr. Barbara L. Glaser and Mr. Paul Zachos
Phil and Marie Glotzbach
Ms. Amy Godine
Evie King and Rick Golding
Alison Clarkson and Oliver Goodenough
Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman
James and Melissa Goodspeed
Kurt A. Gormley Dentistry, PLLC in memory of Frank Cook

Ms. Priscilla C. Goss
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gould
Mrs. Fairfax M. Gouldin
Ms. Jill E. Gracey
Wallace A. Graham
Brad and Mary Grainger
Ms. Peppi Graves
Len and Barbara Gray
Greater Hudson Heritage Network
Roderic Greene
Greenfield MDC, LLC
Greenman Rustics
Gribbon Family Giving Fund
Elizabeth and James Gribbon
Karen Griswold and Virginia D’Antonio
The Grover Family Fund
Edward J. Grover and Susan C. Grover
Leslie Haberman
Jerrold Hacker
Joanne Hackett in memory of Frank Cook
Andrew Hahn and Cathy Hitchcock
Mr. James Long Hale
John and Claudia Haller
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Hallock
Drew and Crystal Hamelink
Linda J. Hammond
Charles and Lynn Hancock
Ms. Liz Hanke and Mr. Ethan Prince
Mr. David R. Hanning
Dennis Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Harrison
Harrison Family Fund
Walter F. Harrison III
Walter Harrison III and Ann Howard in honor of John Fritzinger
Sally Hart
Donna and Tom Hartz
Haselton Lumber Co., Inc.
Gail and Henry Hauptfuhrer
Jean and Walter Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer B. Hays
HCA Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Headley
Ms. Patricia Hearst
Mr. Michael Heberger and Ms. Sheila Smyth
The Hedges
Flemming and Judy Heilmann
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Heimerdinger
Mary Lynne Heldmann
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Heller
Hemlock Hall
H. Ernest and Bobbie E. Hemphill
David and Joan Henle
Robert Henry Fine Art Photography
Nancy Henry-Serra
David Mason and Jim Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Herrick
Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell Herring
David Herschfeld
Donald and Betsy Hershman
Charles W. Hiebert
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hildebrandt
Dan Hill and Caroline Webster-Hill
Himoff Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Himoff
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hlavacek
Adam and Arlie Hochschild
Edward and Lisa Hoe
Rick Hoffman
Brian and Meredith Hogan
The Holder Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Holl
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Holland in memory of John Carpenter
Dr. Tony Holtzman
Mr. and Mrs. Kip Horsburgh
Richard J. Hoskinson, DDS
Mr. Charles G. Houghton
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hovey
HSC Industrial, LLC
The Hub
Ms. Patricia Huff
Mrs. Carole Hunt
Mr. David P. Hunt
Dr. Marlene Hurley
Robert and Margaret T. Huskins
Mr. William D. Hutchens
John and Anda Hutchins
Jim and Sheila Hutt
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Huwiler
Ms. Michelle Hyde
Indian Lake Restaurant and Tavern
Inn at the Bridge
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Anne Jablonski in memory of John Carpenter
William and Mary Janeway
Peter and Dottie Jankowski
Thomas and Gretchen Jewell
Kathleen John
in memory of John Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson II
Dennis and Sybil Johnson
Mr. James D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnston
Dave and Geri Joor
Ms. Judy Jorge
The Arlindo and Evelyn Jorge Family Foundation
Robert and Carol Kafin
David M. Kahn
Karner Psychological Associates
Alexander Keeler
Cloudsplitter Foundation
Lee and Nancy Keet
Lee and Nancy Keet
Mr. Scott Keet and Mrs. Jodi Keet
Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
Scott and Kimberly Kempton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kendra
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kennedy
Mrs. Mary Ann Kerlin
Dr. Thomas Kershner and Dr. Christine Rowe-Button
Tim and Jennifer Keyes
Mr. Peter F. Keyoskey in memory of Frank J. Keyoskey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Kieffer
Ms. Arlene M. Kien
Mr. and Mrs. A. Jay Kilcoyne
John and Barbie Kimberly
Peter and Hela Kindler
Dr. Lewis B. Kinter and Ms. Terry Timberlake-Kinter
Kleinschmidt Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kleinschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Knaul
Nancy E. Knoff and Jay A. Eberle
Mr. Bruce and Dr. Nancy Knudsen
James and Susan Kolbe
Dr. Jack and Patricia Kolff
Ms. Anita M. Kopff
Stephen Kopra
Bill Kosina
Bonnie Kreitler
Mrs. Ellen B. Kreitler and Mr. Charles Kreitler
John Kronstadt
Eric and Maria Kroth
Eileen and Will Kuchta
Erik Kulleseid and Mark Eisenhardt
Mrs. Helen M. Kundtz
Lake Clear Inn Property Owners Association in memory of John Carpenter
Lake Placid Education Foundation
Eva Lamoy
Larkin Giving Fund John and Connie Larkin
Anne Adams Laumont in honor of John Fritzinger
Mr. and Mrs. John Lauroesch
Thomas and Donna Lavigne
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Lavine
Virginia Maloney Lawrence
The Lawson Center
Tim and Mary Leach
Alice and John Leddy
Mr. Anthony Leiker and Mr. Craig Shaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Leiser
Airlie C. Lennon
Tom Lenweaver Wildlife Art and Prints
Edwin and Judith Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Leprell
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lescinsky
Dr. Laura Leso
Ms. Erin Lesser and Mr. Mark Lesser
Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Letterman
Richard and Lynda Levengood
Glenn Lewandowski in memory of Frank Cook
Sarah Lewin
Mr. and Mrs. Paige L’Hommedieu
Sally L’Huillier
Ann Csink and John Linck
Richard W. Lindsay, MD
Jon and Leila Linen
Pieter and Veronica Litchfield
William F. Locke
Stephanie A. Locy in memory of Frank Cook
Long Lake Boat Tours
Reverend Vincent P. Long
The Longhill Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Loomis
Jim and Barb LoPiccolo
Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Harriet Love
Dr. Eugene C. Lozner and Mrs. Christine B. Lozner
Nils Edward Luderowski Architect AIA
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lund
Cynthia Platt and David Luntz
Max and Elizabeth Lupini
Serge and Caroline Lussi
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund E. Lynch Sr.
Mad River Antler
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Maggs
Steve and Andrea Maikowski
Diane and Brian Majeski
Mrs. Barbara N. Malatesta
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Maliszewski
James and Dolores Maloney
Larry Mancini
Frank Mancuso in memory of John Carpenter
J. Richard Manier
Gretchen Marcell and Charles Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Marcus
Mark Hannah Contracting
Dale and Jennifer Markworth
Lita M. Maroney in memory of Geraldine Rushton
Camil and Ellen Maroun
Jon and Linda Martin
Ms. Emily Martz and Mr. Matt Ellis
Stephanie and John Mason
Matthew and Elizabeth Massiano
Cecilia and Michael Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Matlack
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Matthews
The W.I.L.D. Foundation
David M. and N. Heller McAlpin
Karen and Tim McCabe
Eileen McCashion
Mr. Hugh P. McCormick III and Mrs. Joyce N. McCormick
Mr. Robert McDermott and Ms. Linda Zila
Hilary and Patrick McDonald
J. M. McDonald Foundation, Inc.
Rich and Lorraine McGinn
Allola McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. James H. McGraw IV in honor of John Fritzinger
Scott and Cathy McGraw
Doug and Barbara McIlroy
Adirondack Foundation – McLanahan Family Fund
Bruce McLanahan
David McMahon
Leigh A. and Mimi McMakin
Mr. and Mrs. David and Amy McNamara
Sara McNamara
Mr. James McNeil Jr.
Charles and Pamela Aall McPherson
Suzanne and Paul McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meldrim
Laurence and Karen Meltzer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Menchel
Mr. Paul Menge and Mrs. Elaine Carter-Menge
Annette C. Merle-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Meyer
William and Mary Michelfelder
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Millen
Alicia C. Miller Real Estate, Inc.
The Miller Family in memory of Frank Cook
Reed and Karen Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Millikan
Ted and Judy Mirczak
Mrs. Marjory B. Moeller
Jay Molinski
Kahn Moller Family Fund
John Monroe
Drs. Paul and Sara Monroe
Mrs. Carolyn Montague
Gary and Angela Moore
James and Carrie Moore
Kelly Morgan-Dupre in memory of John Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Morley Jr.
William F. and Mary Sue Morrill
William and Madeline Morrow
J. Thomas and Sarah Mortimer
The Mountaineer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Moyer in memory of Frank Cook
Ann and Jim Mrazek in honor of John Fritzinger
Dan and Claudia Mullane
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Muller III
Mr. Stephen Muller
Adirondack Foundation – James and Pauline McSweeney Murphy Memorial Fund
Daniel M. Murphy
Fred Murphy
Dr. Cynthia Rye and Mr. Robert Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Musacchio in memory of Frank Cook
Tony Musgrave in memory of Warder Cadbury
Dr. David L. Myers in loving memory of Anne Marie Vaccaro
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon R. Nadeau in memory of Frank Cook
Sally S. Neenan
Al Nelson Antiques
Sherry Nemmers
Antonia S. Ness
Mr. and Mrs. John Nettleton
New York State Council on the Arts
Mr. Allan P. Newell
Reverend and Mrs. David C. Newkirk
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Nolan III in honor of John Fritzinger
The Nolan Wright Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Beth Nolan and Charles Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Nordmann
North Country Books, Inc.
North Country Kettle Corn
Northeast Arboricultural Associates
Northern New York Library Network
Northville Five and Dime Store
Northwood Cabins Tupper Lake, LLC
Mrs. Toni Norton
Richard and Marie Nye
Peter and Linda Obourn
Mr. John S. Oehrle
Sally Cockburn and Onno Oerlemans
Ann S. O’Leary
Dr. Margaret Olsen
Mr. Peter S. Olsen
Ms. Sandra Johnson Olsen
Rev. and Mrs. Terrence M. O’Neill
Chet and Karen Opalka
Open Space Institute
Tracy Ormsbee
Mr. Jarrod Orzolek
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. O’Shea Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Oven
Overhead Door Co. of Glens Falls, Inc.
Boquet Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Paine Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Paine Jr. in honor of John Fritzinger
Paine Products, Inc.
Kevin and Theresa Palmer
Palmer Point
Peter and Anne Parker
Philip D. Paschall
Mr. John Passacantando and Ms. Lisa Guide
Mary Passage
Doug and Alisa Pastecki
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Paternotte
Barbara T. Patterson
Mrs. Tami Paumier and Mr. Glen Warren
David and Audrey Peartree
Timothy and Kathleen Peartree
Rose Pellegrini in memory of Frank Cook
Mr. Charles Perdue and Ms. Ellen Schwalenstocker
Frances Peshkin
George and Elizabeth Peters Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation
George and Elizabeth Peters

Kevin Peterson
George and Lois Pettinger
Dennis J. Phillips and Patricia S. Phillips
Lisa Phinney in memory of Frank Cook
Ms. Andrea Masters and Mr. Bruce Piasecki
John Piddock and Wendy Pulver
Lisa and Ted Pierce
Charles and Jeanne Pietrow Charitable Fund
Jeanne and Charles Pietrow
Mr. and Mrs. George Pifko Jr.
Henry and Patricia Pildner
Pine Tree Foundation of New York
Pine’s Country Store, Inc.
Ms. Carol Pinney
Phyllis Tilson Piotrow
Mari-Anne Pisarri
Carol Pister in memory of John Carpenter
PITS Professional Income Tax Service, Ltd.
Robert and Mabelle Pizzutiello
Ms. Kathrin W. Poole and Mr. Howard H. Tomlinson
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Poole
Liz Pope in memory of Andy Studdiford
Jennifer Potter Hayes
Mr. Josh Powe and Ms. Darcy Penick
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Powers
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Premo
Ms. Katharine M. Preston and Mr. John Bingham
Adirondack Foundation – Meredith M. Prime Fund 2
Meredith M. Prime
Meredith M. Prime
Mr. and Mrs. S. Warren Prince Jr.
Douglas Pritchard and Barbara Lougee
Prospect Point Cottages
The Prospect Hill Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Provost
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Puckett
Kathleen and Alfred Putnam in honor of John Fritzinger
Mike and Linda Quintavalle
Raquette Lake Navigation Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Raymond
Mrs. Lee C. Reich
Paul and Rosemary Reiss
Remarkable Liquids
David and Chelsey Remington
David and Dorothea Renslow
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Reschovsky
Paul and Nancy Resnick
Alexandra and John Reynolds in honor of John Fritzinger
Diane Reynolds
Theresa T. Reynolds
Stephen Ribner in memory of John Carpenter
John Rice
Larry and Elizabeth Rice
David and Donna Rider
Ann and James Rigby
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Righter
Stephen and Mary J. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rinefierd
Thomas Rinefierd and Mary Beckelhimer
Harry and Grace Rissetto
Judy Robertson in memory of Geraldine Rushton
Geoffrey Robillard and Carole Guyamier
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Robinson
Richard and Jill Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Avery Rockefeller III
David A. Rockwell
Rocky Acres Inn B&B
Debra Roe and Rosanne Murphy
James and Elaine Roemer
Mary M. Rogers
Ms. Phoebe N. Rogerson and Mr. David Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Rohlf
Christopher and Bonnie Roop
Jim and Linda Rosenbloom
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roth
The Razook Roth Family in honor of John Fritzinger
Dr. Kathleen M. Rourke
Mr. Richard J. Ruane
Dr. David Rubin
Ms. Jessica Rubin and Mr. Sam Caldwell
Dr. and Mrs. G. Theodore Ruckert in honor of James Townsend
Seth and Carolyn Rudnick
Peter and Nancy Rushton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Rushton in honor of late S. Paul Rushton’s 98th Anniversary of his birth
Brian and Niki Russell Family Fund
Brian and Niki Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Russell
Mark Ryan
Mary Anne Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. E. Sacco
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sadowski
Karen M. Sahler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Salsbury
Art and Nancy Saltford
John and Deanna Sammon
Ms. Deborah B. San Juan
Sandhill Investment Management
The Sandy Hill Foundation
Sandy Point Motel
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sargent
Sheafe Satterthwaite
Harriet Savage
The Walbridge Fund, Ltd.
Harriet Savage
Mr. and Mrs. John and Lynn Savarese
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Sawyer
Nancy Reardon and Steven Sayer
Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Schaab
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaffer and Family in memory of John Carpenter
Dr. Peter Schlosser and Dr. Stephanie Pfirman
Albert and Lisa Schneider
Daniel Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Schniewind
Mr. and Mrs. James Schoff
Susan Schuler
Michael and Hazel Schultz
Robert and Deborah Schwarting
Richard and Vicki Schwartz
Richard and Vicki Schwartz Fund at the Rochester Area Community Foundation
Richard and Vicki Schwartz
Mr. Steven Schwartz in tribute to Richard and Vicki Schwartz
Jesse Schwartzberg
Gertrude Schweiger
Dr. David W. Schwenker
Mr. Richard E. Scordato and Ms. Susan L. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scudder
Mimi O’Connell Scully
Joan and Bob Seager
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Searle
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Sears
Seasons Bed & Breakfast
Daniel Seitz
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Semegram
Carlo E. Semeraro and Family
Ms. Sue Semo
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Senecal
Richard Senecal
Shaheen’s Adirondack Inn
Shamrock Motel & Cottages
Timothy and Gretchen Sharlow
Lawrence E. Shaw
Charles M. Sheerin
Jamie Shenkman and Chris Magadini
Denise Sheriff in memory of John Carpenter
Binkley and Paula Shorts
The Boston Foundation
Binkley and Paula Shorts
William M. and Susan C. Shulman
Mr. David Sickler
Mr. Arthur B. Siegel and Mrs. Suzanne B. Siegel
Kathy Silks
Mr. Ralph Simonson and Mrs. Rose Simonson
Mr. and Mrs. Brach Simpson
Jessica Sims in memory of John Carpenter
Andrew J. and Harriet Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Skop
Mr. Brian Skorney and Ms. Catherine McGuinn
Mr. Timothy J. Slisz
Barbara and Julian Smetana
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Smith
Dan Smith
Dr. and Mrs. R. David Smith
Elisabeth A. Smith
Mr. Gilbert A. Smith
Mr. K. Patrick Smith
Mr. Leslie Smith and Ms. Mary Taft
Ms. Margaret Jackson Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel and Cynthia Smith
Robin Smith
Thomas and Jodie Smith
Michael Smyth in memory of John Carpenter
John Ben Snow Memorial Trust
Snowy Mountain Inn
Steven and Mery Sokal
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Sonju
Southern Adirondack Fund
The Spa Studio Adirondacks
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Spada
Specialty Stainless
Paul C. Staeger
James B. Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Steet
Mr. Joseph Steiniger and Ms. Mary McDonald
David Stephens and Jean Robertson
Sheila and George Stephenson in honor of John Fritzinger
Stephenson Lumber Co., Inc.
Gregory and Lindsey Stevens
Dr. Scott Manning Stevens
Stewart’s Shops Holiday Match Program
Doug Stewart and Sue Sheridan
Dr. Neil S. Stewart
Douglas Stinson
Jean Storrs
Hedley Stothers in memory of Martha Dillon Stothers
Mr. and Mrs. John Strachan
Jamie and Ben Strader
Strand Theatre of Old Forge, Inc.
The New York Community Trust Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly Charitable Fund
Mark T. Gallogly and Elizabeth B. Strickler
Ellen and Dan Strickler in honor of John Fritzinger
Paul and Karin Stuart
Robin and Sandy Stuart
Dorothea Studenic
David P. Stuhr
Mr. Chris Sulavik and Ms. Emily R. Church
Suminski Family Books
Sally and Charles Svenson
Mr. Brent Sverdloff and Mr. Craig St. Clair
Donald M. Swain
Susie and Tom Swayne
Mr. Jack Swan
Adirondack Foundation – Nancy Adams Sweet Fund 2
Nancy Adams Sweet
Dr. Robert F. Swift
T.C. Murphy Lumber Company, INC.
Steven M. and Joyce E. Tadler Charitable Trust
Joyce and Steven Tadler
Mr. Arthur F. Tait Jr.
Kristine Tait
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Tebo
Bruce and Nancy Thayer
Bradley and Diane Thomas
Bluestone Foundation
Wade Thompson
Pamela and Fairman Thompson in honor of John Fritzinger
Anne and Alexander Thorndike in honor of John Fritzinger
Ms. Liz Thorndike
Mr. and Mrs. Enos T. Throop Jr.
Mrs. Nancy E. Tiedemann
Mimi and Sam Tilton
Timber Hill on Long Lake
Timberlock Inc.
Tips & Dies, Inc.
Jon and Nancy Tobiessen
Mr. Bryant F. Tolles Jr.
Kelly and Chuck Toogood
Johanna Torkelson
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Townsend
John and Kerri Travis
Craig and Lora Treiber
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Trevett
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tuffey
Mr. and Mrs. William Tureby
Mr. Louis Tusso
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ughetta Jr.
UHY Advisors NY, Inc.
Sarah and Bob Underhill
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Upright
Mr. and Mrs. David Urband
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Urfirer
Mr. George D. Utley III and Dr. Ellen K. Utley
Ms. Kathleen G. Vagt
Brenda and Jack Valentine
Paul and Amy Valerio
Cameron Foundation
Gretchen VanDenbergh
Anne H. Van Ingen and Wesley Haynes
Raymond Van Steen in memory of John Carpenter
Mr. Bill Vanzee
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Virostek
Mr. Joseph Visalli and Ms. Matie Flowers
Margaret D. Visalli in memory of Frank Cook
Mr. and Mrs. George and Susan Visconti
Mr. and Mrs. David Vogel
Mr. George A. Vollmuth
George and Barbara Von Mehren
The Waldheim, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Waldron
Silda Wall
Ms. Nancy P. Walter and Ms. Kathleen Callahan
Marc Wanner and Judy Rush
Adirondack Wooden Boats
Allison Warner
Ms. Sharon A. Warren
Warrensburgh Historical Society
Water’s Edge Cottages
Robert and Ronnie Way in memory of Lisa Bowdish
Paul and Carole Weachter
Mrs. Rose Weckesser and Family
Tamar and Rick Weerts
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Weibrecht, Mirror Lake Inn
Richard B. Weinstein
David and Candace Weir Foundation
David and Mary Welch
Edward Welch and Donna Trautwein-Welch
Mr. Daniel S. Weld and Ms. Margaret Rosenfeld
Anne C. Weld
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Welsh
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wetmore
Sue A. Whan
The New York Community Trust McWhelan Fund
Mr. Sidney S. Whelan Jr. and Ms. Anne S. McCook
Bob and Janet Whitaker
Diane White
Margaret and Tom Whitford
James and Alma Whitney
Barrie A. and Deedee Wigmore
The Wild Center
Wilderness Property Management, Inc.
Mr. John D. Wilkins
Mr. Donald R. Williams
Sharon and Ernest Williams
Randolph E. Wills
Wilmington Historical Society
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Wires
WNYT-TV in memory of John Carpenter
Mr. Michael Wolanczyk
Gregory and Nancy Wolcott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wolcott
Colleen M. Wolff in memory of Frank Cook
David and Holly Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Wonham
Sam and Gail Woods
Richard D. Woolley
Gilda and Cecil Wray
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wright
Gerold and Peggy Wunderlich
Fran Yardley and Burdette Parks
Richard and Dena Yeskoo
Yoga in the Adirondacks, LLC
Tom and Suella Young
Mr. Laverne Yousey
Mr. Thomas A. Yuhas
RJKB Family Charitable Foundation
Janet and Richard Yulman
John Zachos in memory of John Carpenter
Bob Zajac in memory of John Carpenter
Tony Zazula and Mark Chamberlain
C. M. Zebley

A family of 3 paddling out onto Minnow Pond in a vintage canoe from the ADKX Boathouse.

Support the Rich History
of the Adirondack Region

Support the Rich History of the Adirondack Region