High School Virtual Programs

Exploring the Grace Brown Murder Through Literature

Grades: 10th – 12th

Curriculum Connections:
• Class disparity
• Women’s rights
• Media literacy

Approximate Run Time: 40 minutes

Extend student examination of women’s rights and social inequity with this study of the Grace Brown murder. The tragic story of a young factory worker murdered by her social-climbing boyfriend, which has inspired works of fiction.

Photos, videos and one “special” artifact help students explore the question: What does it mean to be equal?

Naming Narratives

Grades: 9th – 12th
Approximate Run Time: 40 minutes

Names are universal, the stories behind them are unique. Names may express proud cultural heritage or serve as a weighty reminder of forced assimilation or misappropriation. This program uses diverse personal narratives to explore the significance of names, both individual and collective.

Wilderness Cure

Grades: 6th – 12th

Curriculum Connections
• Infectious disease
• Economy
• Public health

Approximate Run Time: 45 minutes

Discover the work of premier health champion Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau and the impact of his endeavors on the lifestyle and economy of a small Adirondack village. Students will envision ‘taking the cure’ in frigid Saranac Lake when tuberculous was a national epidemic.


Grades: 9th – 12th
Approximate Run Time: 40 minutes

The extraction of minerals and ore has shaped the regions landscape and communities. Students will analyze historic photos of the industry and consider how mining has changed the environment and the effects of those changes.

Support the Rich History
of the Adirondack Region

Support the Rich History of the Adirondack Region