Minnow Pond Trail

Minnow Pond Trail is generally open daily, July 1 – September 18, depending on weather, trail conditions, and events. The trail and boathouse may close without notice. Please call ahead to plan your visit (518) 352-7311.

A short hike from the center of campus – take an easy ¾-mile walk and discover “a gem in the wilderness” – Minnow Pond. A trail to Minnow Pond dates back to this site’s early settlement history and was admired by Miles Merwin, the original builder and owner of the Blue Mountain House (1874-1953). Suitable for the whole family, the trail is open daily from July to September, depending on weather, trail conditions, and special events. This is a natural trail; it has uneven surfaces and some short, steep rises. It may not be accessible for people with limited mobility.

When walking Minnow Pond Trail, learn about the connections between land and water in the Adirondacks. Hunters and trappers who long ago navigated the region needed a boat that was easy to move over land and on water; thus emerged the guideboat, a unique vessel that was built specifically to meet the challenging landscape of the region. You’ll also learn about the people who were so moved by the recreational wonders of the Adirondacks, they committed themselves to protect the range of habitats found here.

Minnow Pond

At Minnow Pond you will see why many consider the Adirondacks a boater’s paradise; the region is home to roughly 3,000 lakes and ponds and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams—many only reached by trails. The endlessly interconnected waterways are prized by those looking for a quiet outing or a wilderness adventure.

Minnow Pond is a small, roughly 90-acre waterbody above Blue Mountain Lake and is part of the Raquette River watershed. Surrounded by mixed forest, this serene pond is home to loons, otters, beavers, wood ducks, frogs, salamanders, and a variety of fish. Located at approximately 2,000 feet in elevation, the pond’s shoreline consists of coniferous and deciduous forests as well as wetlands.

New in 2021, hikers looking for a short, more vigorous route may want to try the Blue View Trail. From the higher vantage point, the views of Blue Mountain Lake are even more breathtaking. You can access the Blue View Trail as a spur off the Minnow Pond Trail or near the Work in the Woods exhibition.

When walking the Minnow Pond Trail, please remember:

  • Use of strollers and wheelchairs is not recommended.
  • Follow the orange trail markers posted and please stay on our trail.
  • All visitors must sign in at the trailhead kiosk located in the Fowler Lot.
  • At the trailhead kiosk, visitors will find field guides, a nature-themed scavenger hunt, adventure backpacks, and nature-related programs.
  • Any child under 18 must be accompanied by an adult to hike on our trail.

Support the Rich History
of the Adirondack Region

A group of masked hikers reading some of the informative signage along the Minnow Pond Trail.

Support the Rich History of the Adirondack Region