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The ADKX Boathouse has something for everyone, from novices to experienced paddlers and rowers. Here you will find vintage boats from the Adirondacks, northern New York, and other northeastern states—the types of boats that have plied the region’s waters for years. Traditional guideboats and rowboats as well as vintage canoes may be available for rent. Boats in this special collection require restoration and care; not all boats will be available at all times. Boat availability may change without notice.

Designed by Michael Bird, founder and principal of Adirondack Design, the ADKX Boathouse references Adirondack rustic architecture while a covered deck features peeled log columns and beams.

Rental available to visitors ages 6 and up. There must be an adult in each boat.

A close up a beautifully restored wooden canoe, available to use on Minnow Pond.

The Adkx Boathouse livery includes:

Boat availability is subject to change without notice.


Blanchard Guideboat
A 15’ guideboat built by John Blanchard, ca 1920.

Dolloph Guideboat
A 15’ strip-built guideboat built by enthusiast Christopher Dolloph, ca 1990.

Skiffs & Other Rowboats

Skaneateles Skiff
A 15’ rowboat built by the Skaneateles Boat & Canoe Co., ca 1900.

Amesbury Skiff
A flat-bottomed, square-stern rowboat used at a summer camp on Adirondack lakes, ca 1960.


Rushton Indian Girl
An 18’ wood canvas canoe built by John Henry Rushton, ca 1911 – 1916.

Old Town Canoe
An 18’ wood canvas canoe built by the Old Town Canoe Co., ca 1950.

A family of 3 paddling out onto Minnow Pond in a vintage canoe from the ADKX Boathouse.

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