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Join us from the comfort of your own home for new LIVE programming delivered directly to you! These engaging virtual programs will explore interesting topics from around the Adirondack Park. Each requires a separate registration. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation with the link to the program.

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Previous ADKX Live Events

A jar full of Balsam needles set on a pile of loose Balsam needles.

Try This At Home – Balsam Traditions

Thursday, April 22, 2021 | 5:30 pm

Sweet-smelling balsam fir is the superstar conifer of the Adirondack wilderness. Used in souvenir pillows, garlands, and as a calming medicine, it has been an essential natural resource to visitors and residents alike for years. Join us on Earth Day to learn the history of this celebrated evergreen and how to tell it apart from the other “pine” trees in the forest.

Recording coming soon!

Twilight scene, lake entering from right foreground to left background reflects the sunset and brilliant sky which covers the upper half of the canvas.

Harold Hochschild and the Creation of the ADKX Fine Art Collection

Monday, April 19, 2021 | 7:00 pm

Join Deedee Wigmore, Founder and President of D. Wigmore Fine Art, in conversation with ADKX Library Director Ivy Gocker. Ivy and Deedee will talk about Harold’s interest in Adirondack art, including his purchase of a painting of a log cabin by Albert Blakelock. Deedee will offer personal anecdotes around some of the works Harold collected and how the art in the museum’s collection today speaks to his passion for and dedication to the Adirondacks.

About the Speaker

Deedee Wigmore is the Founder and President of D. Wigmore Fine Art, a gallery focused on American historic art. At the age of 30, Deedee was the Director of American Art at M. Knoedler and Co., at the time the oldest art gallery in America. There, she led a department which only included works from the 18th and 19th centuries. She left the Knoedler and Co. to become Gallery director of Kennedy Galleries. She served in that role for six years until 1980 when she opened her own gallery, specializing in art from the 1930-40s, an era then considered out of favor. Today, D. Wigmore Fine Art includes works through the 1980s and looks at major developments in both representational and abstract art. Deedee has committed the gallery to “keep moving forward to include art that represents important developments which connect time and place.”

Students from the Culinary and Hospitality Program at Paul Smith’s College, the College of the Adirondacks.

Adirondack Style Encore: A Taste of the ADK!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 | 7:00 pm

Spending more time in your kitchen lately? Join us for an encore program in our Adirondack Style series–a cooking demonstration featuring faculty and students from the Culinary and Hospitality Program at Paul Smith’s College, the College of the Adirondacks. This program will feature ingredients from local farms and locally produced foods. Chef Kevin and the students will make:

Venison medallions with a hard cider maple sauce
Gratin of 3 Tuckers Taters with Dutch knuckle and thyme
Carrot puree, pea shoots, and glazed celery root

Interested in where to buy the ingredients?

Paul Smiths College-Maple Syrup and Cider
Tucker Farms-Magic Mollies, Daisy Golds, and Adirondack Reds
Sugar House Creamery-Dutch Knuckle cheese
Juniper Hill Farm-Carrots, Celeriac, and Thyme
Moon Stone Farm-Pea Shoots

Co-sponsored by the Adirondack Experience and Albany Public Library in partnership with Paul Smith’s College.

Vintage postcard depicting the Prospect House on Blue Mountain Lake.

Food, Glorious Food, Adirondack Style

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 | 7:00 pm

Food, Glorious Food, Adirondack Style! Get a glimpse of the menus from Adirondack resort hotels and great camps during their heyday in the 1800s.  How did the food served up to the wealthy differ from food and recipes popular among average Adirondack residents?  Find out from Bethany Nyborg, George Mason University graduate student and former Adirondack Experience intern. Bethany will prepare a recipe from this time period to show attendees.

Cosponsored by the Adirondack Experience and Albany Public Library

Maple trees with buckets attached to collect sap for making maple syrup.

Maple Sugaring, Adirondack Style

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | 7:00 pm

It’s Maple Sugaring Time in the Adirondacks! Join Ivy Gocker, Library Director of the Adirondack Experience, and Matt Thomas, an independent maple syrup historian, as they talk about the history and material culture of maple sugaring in the Adirondack Region: the process, how it was done in the past, and the story of the Horse Shoe Forestry Company near Tupper Lake, which was once the largest syrup production operation in the world.

Cosponsored by the Adirondack Experience and Albany Public Library