Where’s Noah?

Noah John Rondeau was social-distancing long before 2020. Noah named himself the Mayor of Cold River City—population one!

Noah was a hermit but really enjoyed having people visit. We think he would have loved to visit with you! Make a paper Noah and take him on an adventure—in your house or when you have a chance to go outside.


  1. Click on the button below to open a full-size outline of Noah John.
  2. Print (or trace from screen) Noah’s outline.
  3. Color Noah and cut him out.
  4. You can glue a piece of construction paper or cardboard on the back to help Noah stand up.

Now he’s ready for adventures!

Include Noah in your activities—he can help with schoolwork, play in the yard, or join a board game. Or you can create a family game and take turns hiding Noah around your home. Who will be the first to find him?

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We can’t wait to see Noah’s adventures!

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