Virtual Exhibitions

Anne LaBastille’s Cabin

Take a close-up look inside the cabin that Anne LaBastille built on Twitchell Lake near Old Forge. Here, she lived without electricity or plumbing and wrote vividly about her connection with nature.

Fulton Fryar’s Closet

This washroom closet was assigned as the sleeping quarters for young Fulton Fryar, the first Black student at Schroon Lake’s Seagle Music Colony. Segregated from other student housing, Fryar focused on making the sparse room feel like home—and a place where all were welcome.

Collection Study & Storage Center

Enjoy a sneak peek behind the scenes at the museum’s collection storage space. Here, the material culture that chronicles how people have lived, worked, and recreated in the Adirondacks over 100s of years is meticulously conserved and available for study and scholarship.

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of the Adirondack Region

Support the Rich History of the Adirondack Region