Episode 23: Happy 100th Birthday, Snowmobiles

The first machine for traveling over the snow was invented in 1922. Since that time, snowmobiles have become a popular recreational vehicle. In addition to the fun and frolic, there are serious environmental and safety considerations with their use.

Join us as we take a closer look at 100 years with the snowmobile.

Men posing near an early snowmobile, c.1920 (P061457)

Elias Motor Toboggan used by the NYS Dept. of Conservation, 1946-1960.(1973.020.0002)

Connexion au programme d'études

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Vocabulaire : Explorer de nouveaux mots. Les élèves écoutent du vocabulaire de haut niveau en contexte. Demandez-leur ensuite d'en identifier la définition. Cliquez sur ICI pour la page de vocabulaire.

Ingénierie: Encourage students to use design and problem-solving skills by using everyday items to create a ‘new’ machine. A few sites to get ideas:


Les élèves de niveau supérieur peuvent vouloir explorer certains sujets de manière plus approfondie.

  1. Snowmobiles and snowmobiling are good topics for debate. What are the positive aspects of the sport? What are the negatives? Show evidence to support your stance.
  2. Why did J. Armand Bombardier change his snowmobile design from propeller driven to a track system? Was it only for safety? Or are there other reasons based on science and engineering design?