Episode 25: Fire in the Forest

The Adirondacks survived two major forest fires in the early 1900s. The “Big Burn” of 1903 destroyed around countless homes and 464,000 acres of forest. Then in 1908, another fire burned approximately 600,000 acres. As devastating as these events were, they helped lead to the creation of the NYS Forest Service.

American Forest Product Industries Poster, ca. 1950s.

After the fire of 1903, ca. 1904 (P023789)

The landscape after a fire started by a careless smoker, 1923 (P050429)

Connexion au programme d'études

Lisez à haute voix : Les élèves peuvent suivre tout en écoutant. Cliquez sur ICI pour télécharger une copie de la transcription.

Vocabulaire : Explorer de nouveaux mots. Les élèves écoutent du vocabulaire de haut niveau en contexte. Demandez-leur ensuite d'en identifier la définition. Cliquez sur ICI pour la page de vocabulaire.

Math: To give students a visual reference of the large areas of land mentioned in the episode; measure out an acre on your school’s playground or football field, or a nearby park.


Les élèves de niveau supérieur peuvent vouloir explorer certains sujets de manière plus approfondie.

  1. How are wildfires treated differently today?
  2. Is the Adirondack Park adequately prepared for the possibility of a large-scale wildfire?