Special Programs

 The Adirondack Experience periodically initiates projects that fall outside the scope of our general operating budget. These programs are unique, compelling, and chosen because they directly further our mission. We need to raise funds to ensure the success of each. As you read the following descriptions, you may find a project that matches your values or corresponds with a personal interest. All of these programs represent exceptional giving opportunities. Your contribution will make a difference as the ADKX moves forward.

K-12 School Programming


The Adirondack Experience is an important provider of curriculum enhancement programming for students attending schools in the Adirondack Park. We are located in the center of the Park— a region with portions of twelve counties within its boundaries. The student population in the region faces significant challenges; for instance, ongoing school budget cuts, which underscore the importance of the Adirondack Experience’s services. Our K-12 programs align with the national Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is designed to increase students’ skills such as critical thinking; reading for understanding and decision making, and writing and persuasive speaking. School-age children in the Adirondack Park deserve the opportunity to learn and explore the rich history and culture of the region. The Adirondack Experience is fulfilling a critical need to an underserved population— rural school children. Our K-12 programs enhance student performance, preparing them for the future. Support for the expansion to offer educational programs free of charge to regional schools is an investment in the next generation of citizens.