Business Membership

Your business plays a vital role in the economic health of the region. As a Business Member of the Adirondack Experience, your company receives numerous benefits that enhance your business, and your membership helps the Adirondack Experience continue to fulfill its mission: “to expand public understanding of Adirondack history and the relationship between people and the Adirondack wilderness, fostering informed choices for the future.” Your business and the Adirondack Experience together can help this region stay vibrant and grow. Won’t you join us?

To renew your Business Membership, or purchase a new Membership, please click the link below, select your desired Membership level, and provide the requested information.


Your business receives many promotional advantages:

  • A listing on our website (updated quarterly).
  • Personal referrals by our staff members.
  • Prime display space at the Adirondack Experience entrance for your brochures.
  • Your business name listed at the Adirondack Experience entrance as a supporter.
  • One-time-use passes (valued at $20.00 each) for guests, clients, or employees.

And you and your family, as the business owner or manager, also are entitled to these benefits: