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Where can your mind take you while the coronavirus keeps you home?

Each Monday we’ll post a new writing prompt to inspire your creative writing!

We can’t wait to read your responses (3-5 sentences, please).

We’ll share our favorites on social media using #ADKXpositions.

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During World War II, letters were a lifeline for soldiers facing homesickness, boredom, and the stress of combat. Families and friends were urged to write about everyday happenings at home— social gatherings, the weather, neighborhood gossip. Imagine you were writing to someone serving in WWII. What would you share about your day? Would you tell the soldier about being out of school because of coronavirus? Or share some fun that you are having playing games or getting out on a boat?

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In the Rabbits’ Village School, the rabbits learn math, sewing, and music. If you were in school right now, what would you be learning? Describe your favorite class and why you like it.
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The guideboat is a distinctly Adirondack boat. It is sturdy and light, perfect for hauling supplies, and easy to carry over land. If you were to design your own boat, what would it look like? If you want, include a picture in your description!
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Noah John Rondeau,
one of the Adirondacks’ most famous hermits, frequently hosted guests even though he lived largely in isolation.
Who would you want to come to your house now, and what would you do together during the visit?
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