The H.K.H. Award

The Adirondack Experience’s Harold K. Hochschild Award honors the memory of the museum’s founder, whose passion for the Adirondacks, its people, and its environment inspired the creation of this institution, which is dedicated to understanding and promoting the unique regional identity of the Adirondack Park. Through the Harold K. Hochschild Award the Adirondack Experience seeks to recognize, support, and strengthen intellectual and community leaders throughout the Adirondack Park, and to highlight their contribution to the region’s culture and quality of life. It also hopes to encourage others to appreciate that the region’s leadership comes in many forms and from many different communities within the Adirondack Park.
The Award may be given to organizations as well as individuals. Although residency within the Park is not required, the Award is presented in recognition of achievement or service having an obvious connection to or impact on the Adirondack region. The recipient of the Award receives an original copy of Hochschild’s authoritative tome, Township 34, and is honored at the Adirondack Experience’s Benefit Gala in the summer.

Marion River at the Bridge, Bassett’s Carry, in Township 34 pg. 229

Past Recipients of the Harold K. Hochschild Award

(formerly called the Founder’s Award)

  • Francis B. Trudeau (Physician)
  • Richard W. Lawrence (Historian)
  • Craig Gilborn (Former Director of Adirondack Museum)
  • Frances Seaman (Local Historian)
  • Paul Jamieson (Writer)
  • Clarence Petty (Conservationist)
  • John Rugge (Physician, Health Care Pioneer)
  • Warder Cadbury (Historian)
  • Barbara McMartin (Author, Historian)
  • Harold A. Jerry, Jr. (Conservationist)
  • Timothy L. Barnett (Conservationist, Ecologist, Naturalist)
  • Janet Parker Decker (Philanthropist)
  • Arthur V. Savage (Renaissance Man)
  • Ellen Nadia Maroun (Disabilities Advocate)
  • WSLU (North Country Public Radio)
  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Folwell (Writer, Historian, Editor)
  • Meredith Prime (Conservationist, Non-profit Leader)
  • Richard Merrill (Educator, Historian, Community Leader)
  • Peter S. Paine, Jr. (Founding Father, Adirondack Park Agency)
  • Jerry Jenkins (Writer, Naturalist, Teacher)
  • John and Margot Ernst (Community and Environmental Leaders)
  • Joan K. Davidson (Philanthropist, Public Servant, Civic Leader)
  • Frances Beinecke (Environmental Leader, Philanthropist)
  • Dave Mason and Jim Herman (Community Leaders, Philanthropists)
  • Bill McKibben (Environmental Leader, Writer, and Advocate)
  • The Jefferson Project, a joint effort of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM Research, and the FUND for Lake George (Environmental preservation and research initiative)
  • The Adirondack Forty-Sixers, Inc (Conservation and Preservation Leaders)