ADKX-tra Credit Podcast

The Benefits Of Podcasts For Your Class

Enhances listening comprehension. The step from listening to verbal information and understanding what it means is a struggle for many students. This is true whether it is instructions, information, or even a joke. Podcasts present a fun way to practice those skills. CLICK HERE to download a copy of a Podcast Response Sheet that is available for you to use.

Extends student learning with links between content areas. No time for Social Studies? ADKX-tra Credit episodes are only 20-30 minutes. Episode notes include lessons and ideas for extensions. Check back often; we are constantly working to develop more useful, curriculum-oriented material.

Encourages reflective thinking. The ability to look at the past and develop understanding and insights about what happened and to use this information to develop a deeper understanding is at the core of every Social Studies/History class. It is a natural part of learning. ADKX-tra Credit will bring the past alive for listeners.

Repetitive listening. Big concepts and unfamiliar vocabulary will become clear with repeat listening.

Provides an opportunity to scaffold lessons. Podcasts are a great tool for teachers trying to reach struggling or unmotivated students.

Allows students the freedom to multitask. Earbuds are an iconic sight on today’s students. Podcasts present a perfect marriage of listening while doing something else.

How To Use A Podcast In Your Classroom

Centers: Download our Podcast Response Sheet and you have a ready-made center.

Practice summarizing: Pair students after listening and have them tell each other what the podcast was about.

Alternative to a read aloud: Episode scripts are available for download. Students can read along as they listen.

Whole class listening: Listen together and you can generate discussions and answer questions.

Introduce a new unit: ADKX-tra Credit is curriculum based. Every two weeks we will be adding new episodes that connect Adirondack history and classroom instruction.

A transitional activity after lunch, recess, or specials: Fill that challenging time between activity and quiet learning with whole class listening time.

Listening while on a long bus trip: Adirondack Experience is located in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. A great way to prepare for a visit or assimilate after a visit is by listening to ADKX-tra Credit.

Thank you for making ADKX-tra Credit part of your student’s learning enrichment. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for future topics please contact education@theADKX.org.

Support the Rich History
of the Adirondack Region

Support the Rich History of the Adirondack Region