ADKX-tra Credit Podcast

The Benefits Of Podcasts For Your Class

Enhances listening comprehension. The step from listening to verbal information and understanding what it means is a struggle for many students. This is true whether it is instructions, information, or even a joke. Podcasts present a fun way to practice those skills. CLICK HERE to download a copy of a Podcast Response Sheet that is available for you to use.

Extends student learning with links between content areas. No time for Social Studies? ADKX-tra Credit episodes are only 20-30 minutes. Episode notes include lessons and ideas for extensions. Check back often; we are constantly working to develop more useful, curriculum-oriented material.

Encourages reflective thinking. The ability to look at the past and develop understanding and insights about what happened and to use this information to develop a deeper understanding is at the core of every Social Studies/History class. It is a natural part of learning. ADKX-tra Credit will bring the past alive for listeners.

Repetitive listening. Big concepts and unfamiliar vocabulary will become clear with repeat listening.

Provides an opportunity to scaffold lessons. Podcasts are a great tool for teachers trying to reach struggling or unmotivated students.

Allows students the freedom to multitask. Earbuds are an iconic sight on today’s students. Podcasts present a perfect marriage of listening while doing something else.

How To Use A Podcast In Your Classroom

Centers: Download our Podcast Response Sheet and you have a ready-made center.

Practice summarizing: Pair students after listening and have them tell each other what the podcast was about.

Alternative to a read aloud: Episode scripts are available for download. Students can read along as they listen.

Whole class listening: Listen together and you can generate discussions and answer questions.

Introduce a new unit: ADKX-tra Credit is curriculum based. Every two weeks we will be adding new episodes that connect Adirondack history and classroom instruction.

A transitional activity after lunch, recess, or specials: Fill that challenging time between activity and quiet learning with whole class listening time.

Listening while on a long bus trip: Adirondack Experience is located in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. A great way to prepare for a visit or assimilate after a visit is by listening to ADKX-tra Credit.

Thank you for making ADKX-tra Credit part of your student’s learning enrichment. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for future topics please contact

Support the Rich History
of the Adirondack Region

Support the Rich History of the Adirondack Region