Episode 12: Work In The Woods – Logging

Connecting To Curriculum

Read-aloud. Students can follow along while listening. Download a copy of the transcripts here.

Vocabulary. Explore new words. Students listen to high-level vocabulary in context. Have them identify the definition. Click here for the vocabulary page.

Research. Students can hone their research skills by finding pictures and descriptions of this list of logging tools. Click here for the Logging Tool Glossary. A good place to start the search is the Adirondack Experience Library Collection Database.

Simple Machines.  Download our worksheet to use with students categorizing logging tools by the simple machine type. Click here for the worksheet.


Higher grade level students may want to explore some topics in more depth.

  1. Deforestation is a significant problem in many areas of the world. Discuss the long-term effects of clearcutting.
  2. In this episode, we mention that women were not allowed to become lumberjacks in the 1800s logging industry. This is a good time to review the timeline of women’s rights in the workplace. Here are two websites to get students started:
    *  Women’s Rights Movement in the US
    *  National Women’s History Alliance