Episode 4: Theodore Roosevelt’s Ride to the Presidency

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States and was the youngest individual to hold the office. But, do you know the incredible chain of events leading up to Roosevelt’s presidency? In this episode, follow along as we take you on Theodore Roosevelt’s ride to the presidency.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote this note to his wife in the register at the Tahawus Club. (Library Record 12889)

Michael Cronin with his surrey and team of Morgan carriage horses that were used to bring Theodore Roosevelt to the North Creek train station. c. 1901. (P020100)

Header Image: Theodore Roosevelt rowing a Rushton pleasure rowboat (P037392)

Connecting To Curriculum

Read-aloud: Students can follow along while listening. Download a copy of the transcript here.

Vocabulary: Explore new words. Students listen to high-level vocabulary in context. Click here for the vocabulary page.

Explore more: The Library of Congress’ video collection of the Pan-American exposition videos to help provides further context to the night ride to the presidency.

For 1st grade: Listen to the episode as an extension of The President Social Studies Inquiry unit.

For 3rd grade: Listen to the episode as an extension of the Leadership and Government Social Studies Inquiry unit.

For 4th grade: Listen to the episode as an extension of the Government and Citizens Inquiry unit.

For a deeper understanding of how the three branches of government work, have students use the iCivics.org activities that relate to this podcast.

The Legislative Branch

The Executive Branch

The Judicial Branch

Branches of Power Game


Higher grade level students may want to explore some topics in more depth.

  1. How important do you think the vice president is in our government? Does this role serve as more than just the next in line for the presidency? Research what other duties the vice president has in the executive branch.
  2. In your opinion, do you think Michael Cronin made the right decision by not telling Theodore Roosevelt about President McKinley’s death on his carriage ride to the North Creek train station? Put yourself in Michael Cronin’s position and analyze both the pros and cons to not telling Teddy Roosevelt the news.