Episode 15: The Adirondack Dream

People from around the world immigrated to the United States and then made their way to the Adirondack Mountains. They brought their rich cultural heritage with them and helped shape the food, customs, and architecture we enjoy today. This episode explores why people searching for a better life moved to the region.

Louis Seymour known as “French Louie”. Seymour came to the Adirondacks from Canada and became a successful trapper and guide. (P042230)

Adirondack homesteaders, c. 1890 (P036249)

Header Image: Iron miners at the Joker Mine in Mineville, NY, c. 1907 (P047737)

Connecting To Curriculum

Read-aloud. Students can follow along while listening. Download a copy of the transcripts here.

Vocabulary. Explore new words. Students will be listening to high level vocabulary in context. Have them identify the definition. Click here for the vocabulary page.

For 4th grade. Listen to the episode as an extension of the Immigration Social Studies Inquiry unit.

RESEARCH. Use the US Census, one of the most reliable sources for data on American citizens and residents. Download a cheat sheet for an interactive class activity here.


Higher grade level students may want to explore some topics in more depth.

  1. Since the late 1800s, a number of laws have been passed to restrict immigration. What is their purpose and how do they help/hinder the country?
  2. The US is often seen as a land of opportunity by people living in nations where there is less wealth and freedom. Many people enter the US illegally or stay beyond the terms of their visa. Is this a problem? Why or why not?