Episode 5: The Rickety-Rackety Railroad

Marion River Carry prior to the building of the railroad (Adirondack Experience collection P006881)

Marion River Carry Railroad circa 1900. (Adirondack Experience collection P060935)

Marion River Carry Lower Terminus 1911 (Adirondack Experience collection P007409)

Remains of Marion River Carry Lower Terminus 1957 (Adirondack Experience collection P000767)

Connecting To Curriculum

Read-aloud – Students can follow along while listening. Download a copy of the transcript here.

Vocabulary – Explore new words. Students will be listening to high-level vocabulary in context. Have them identify the definition. Click here for the vocabulary page.

Geography – Find the towns and waterways from the podcast on the map here.

Cause and effect – Use the attached sheet with students to dig into the events happening in the Adirondack region and the nation. Click here for the activity sheet.


Higher grade level students may want to explore some topics in more depth.

  1. This episode mentions some influential men that had elaborate vacation homes. Have students take a closer look at who they were. These men were shaping America at a critical time in our growth. What positive changes did they make? What negative changes were a direct result of their influence? What is the danger in having a small group of people have immense power? Is it different today?

    • Alfred G. Vanderbilt
    • Robert J. Collier
    • Collis P. Huntington
    • J. Pierpont Morgan

  2. Imagine a world where the Great Depression did not occur. What are some of the most significant changes to the modern world? Why did they occur?